I’m not going to lie, I am such a Lush fanatic and a sweet sucker for Valentines Day so what better than the Lush Valentine’s range? I didn’t pick up any last year as I was a little late, so I’m happy to have picked up some goodies this year, which I’m going to tell you all about. Even if you aren’t a sucker for Valentines, you’ll definitely be a sucker for these.

The first product to catch my eye was this adorable love heart bath bomb, Cupid. This floral fizzer is full with a bath-time bouquet of calming rose and bergamot. It is so sweet and is a real heart melter, I just wish this scent was available all the time. I’ve been back since to stock up on more because I just love it. Also, for a real Valentines feel, it fills your bath up with the most romantic soft pink colour.

Now for the cutest most adorable bubble bar ever we have Lovestruck, a little replica of the heart eyes emoji we all love. It smells like sweet lemon and to get the best results simply crumble under warm running water and watch the magic happen. A yellow bath isn’t my favourite but the smell is just to die for and I do love buy acne medication this little guy.

I’m more of a shower gel lover than soap so I picked up the Prince Charming Shower Cream. Oh my is this gorgeous. The scent is infused with gorgeous marshmallow and vanilla pods, and leaves a sweet pomegranate smell that lingers on your skin (all through the night to). It’s sweet to the high heavens just like the perfect prince charming.

To get you in the mood as well as your skin we have the cutest bath oil yet. Two Hearts Beating As One replicates two beating hearts interlocked together, how sweet is that? The magenta and coral colours unfurl in the bathtub whilst leaving the most gorgeous citrus scent, let alone the wonders it does whilst you’re in the bath. It leaves you with the softest skin ever to touch. This is my first bath oil I’ve tried from Lush and I’m very impressed.

Are unicorns real? Well they are in Lush. This sweet Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar I’ve seen before but it’s come back as part of the Valentine’s collection and I’m happy to see it again. This multi-coloured bubble bar is full with relaxing notes of lavender and neroli oil, which lets you unwind and enjoy a lustre-filled bath.

Have you picked up any of the Lush Valentines Range?

Megan ??



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