Being a blogger, it’s second nature to me to be an absolute Instagram addict. I love pretty pictures and coming across new accounts to follow is my favourite. Pretty feeds are my weakness and I could just scroll through them all day long. So today I’m sharing with you all of my favourite Instagram accounts you need to follow.

Stacey from sgx___

Stacey’s Instagram is just goals. Every post I’m like ‘please just teach me!’. The posts are a mix of lifestyle, beauty and fashion, which I envy. Her outfit posts have to be my favourite and please Stacey, can I have your wardrobe?! You must follow if you love pleasing feeds. Stacey was in fact one of the first Instagram accounts I followed when I started blogging, and a year and a half later I’m still the biggest fan.

Leah from devotedtopink

You know when you can see that someone puts so much thought into their feed? Yep, that’s Leah and it really shows. Her feed covers every aspect, a lot of beauty, fashion and indeed champagne shots (I think the champagne shots are my favourite). Leah’s photography is quite beautiful and every single picture is just beyond pretty, she inspires me a heck of a lot. Also, if you love the all new Instagram stories then Leah is your gal as she’s always uploading and I must order amoxil online meet her one day v soon!

Hannah from hannahfgale

Are gorgeous outfit posts your thing? Then you’ve gotta head over to Hannah’s feed. Nobody can rock a skirt like Hannah; I’m really quite envious. These gorgeous pictures just represent her as a person and her hard work really pays off. Her style is just so gorgeous and her blog is just as gorgeous.

Kasie from xkasiebeautyx

Not only does Kasie’s instagram set my heart racing for all the latest beauty releases, her beauty room is just Instagram goals. If Kasie posts about a beauty product, 9.9999 times out of 10 I’m on the internet 30 seconds after looking for it. Her makeup picks is so my taste and her feed is gorgeous.

Laura from laurzrah

Makeup feeds are my thing, and Laura’s is utter heaven. Not only would I love to delve into her incredible beauty collection, her photography and flatlays are so beautiful. I’d love to be behind the scenes for some tips because seriously, I’m in love with every single photo.

Abigail from blushandnoise

I love a pretty white feed, and Abigail’s is exactly that. I absolutely adore her white crisp photos with hints of pastels and blacks. Every photo is so ‘blogger’ and her flatlays are really quite stunning. If I ever do outfit posts, I will so be using Abigail for inspiration.

What Instagram accounts do you love?

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