Being all warm and snug is my favourite part of Winter. Cosying up under a blanket with candles burning is just bliss. Now that we are getting closer to transitioning into the Spring I find my home fragrances switching up, from deep woody smells like cinnamon and orange to lighter, fresher and flowery smells. Want to see what luxury candle I’ve been burning for the seasonal transition?

Landon Tyler* is a new UK brand of luxury home fragrances, with everything from beautiful candles, diffusers and gifts for every season. There are 12 fragrances exclusively developed with some of the finest ingredients that infuse your home with gorgeous aromas. My candle for my room is Country Meadow; the name alone makes me feel warm inside. This candle is infused with rose, jasmine, neroli, ylang and soft musk all combined to give off the most invigorating scent. The smell reminds me of a warming countryside day and that fills my entire room, which makes it feel so homely and fresh.

As well as its beautiful ordering ventolin scent, it has one of my all time favourite home design themes to it, minimalism. Its frosted glass looks so classic and sophisticated in the home, and the Landon Tyler name is in fine print across the front with a gorgeous intricate logo. It goes so well with the minimalistic white theme in my new room and I’ll certainly be using the casing as an accessory once it’s finished. It has a burn time of up to 40 hours, I’ve been using it a lot recently and it seems to not be moving much, which is a good sign. I love candles where you get more for your money. Although this candle looks super expensive because of its luxurious design, the catch is, they are very reasonably starting at £10.

This range is available on their website and is now stocked in Boots in-store and online.

What home fragrance do you love for the transition into Spring?

Megan ??



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