When you’re travelling, whether it’s on the go, on holiday or at the office, a makeup companion you can rely on is always essential. I’m sure we all know the struggle of trying to fit all of our makeup into one teeny tiny bag, so I’ve got something just for you. Blank Canvas Cosmetics F01 Face Brush is the answer. I can rely on this brush for pretty much anything and let me tell you why.

Firstly, it’s an all round incredible brush, with super soft high quality synthetic bristles that are perfect for multitasking. You can use this for buffing out foundation, packing on powder, applying bronzer and can also be used for mineral makeup application. Its densely packed bristles work so well with liquid formulas, however you can use it with wet or dry products, so liquid, creams or powders all blend seamlessly.

This brush is an all-rounder and what makes it so travel friendly is its size. It might be small but it has a lot of go in it. When I don’t want to pack my bag with a hundred and one brushes order priligy online cheap this is now my go to, it’s coming everywhere with me. Its smaller than my hand, about 2/3’s of the size, so its super compact and get fit in anywhere. What’s great is its cute in both size and colour as its built with a hot pink handle and gold ferrule. So pretty!

Something else from the Blank Canvas Cosmetics range that is perfect for travelling is their Compact Standing Upright Pouch that is essentially a brush holder for on the go. It can store around 10-20 brushes and is so convenient for holidays. I’m using this at the moment for my currently used brushes, but will for sure be coming on my next trip with me, as I can store them and conveniently stand them up in a stand just like I’m at home. The packaging is so chic, made with faux leather with embossed suede detail in the centre. Also available in black and all vegan friendly.

What beauty travel companions are your favourite?

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