Know Cosmetics covers professional fixes that we all envy, from brows to lips. I’d heard of this brand when browsing Sephora, but now there is no worry for us UK residents as the range has released in Superdrug. The range consists of five products, of which I’ve been testing two and I wanted to share with you my first impressions.

For all of us that have eyebrows as a top priority in the makeup department, I’ve got something you’ll really love. No Bare Brows is a best-selling product from Know Cosmetics, as it’s a brow pencil for everyone. It’s a universal 4-in-1 shaping kit that transforms all eyebrows. The product is a universal brow colour at one end and a wax tamer at the other, and it also comes with a sharpener and brush attachment so that it’s easy to take on the go with you. I know it sounds a bit strange, a universal brow colour but I totally got it once I used it. It’s a buildable colour that is a light brown to start with, and I can build it up for my dark brown brows. One thing I would say is that it wouldn’t be the best for black brows, as it doesn’t build that dark. However, it is great from generic accutane online fair to dark brown shades. The wax works really well, you can go extreme or light with this depending on how much hold you desire.

As a female with fairly small lips myself, their product No Thin Lips kind of screams my name. I don’t mind my lips at all, but sometimes having a bit more plumpness is what I look for. This product is a natural lip plumping tool for beautifully full lips. It’s a smooth and colourless gloss that works on bare lips to volumise and plump. I’ve tried a couple of products similar before and haven’t seen much of a result, but I did see this worked. It was only very slightly; as of course the guidelines say its natural, which looked really nice. After applying you get a strange tingling sensation that lasts for just a couple of minutes. The product is formulated with Aloe Oil and Vitamin E so you can apply as often as you desire. First impressions, I really love this and have continued using it. I usually only use it for glam moments as I don’t feel the need for it everyday.

If you fancy trying the range its available in Superdrug for the UK and Sephora in the US.

Have you tried any new brands lately?

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