Days off can sometimes be a waste of time. You always look forward to them and when you want to be productive you get distracted and nothing gets done by the end of the day. It was a real problem for me so if you’re the same then I have a few tips for how to be more productive on your days off. I know sometimes we need to relax, but sometimes you just gotta get stuff done right?

GET AN EARLY START. The last thing you want on your productive day off is to wake up gone midday and then you feel it’s pointless or too late to get anything done. A lie in is acceptable, but I usually set an alarm for around 8am and start my day by 9, that way I have the entire day to get down and work.

HAVE A SUFFICIENT BREAKFAST. It’s more often than not that I get out of bed on my days off and just have the worst breakfast, mainly because I’m being too lazy. But I’m telling you; a good breakfast really starts the day off right. I love either eggs or porridge with a huge glass of water or OJ.

ONLY OPEN NECESSARY TABS. This tip applies to the digital side of the day, and I’m talking phone and laptops. It can be so easy to start browsing things you don’t need to, cute dogs, how to grow money on trees and all that good stuff, but quit it. When I’m wishing for a productive day I close all unnecessary buy ventolin online inhaler tabs and I can get on with what I need to.

STAY FUELED. I find having a tea, coffee, water or juice nearby helps me work for longer. If I get thirsty I start to lose focus and then get distracted. So keeping your hydration levels at bay is a huge must for me. If I’m my productive day off involves working on screens I ensure I get breaks to eat or just take a breather. Sounds a bit weird but staring at a screen all day can really effect my concentration levels.

CREATE A MINDFUL SPACE. If you’re working on a project, such as your blog, coursework, creating some new, then a freeing space is the best way to focus. I usually clear my room and set up, or if the house is free I’ll set up on the table. A clean space encourages a clean mind and that’s exactly what you want to fully focus.

DON’T JUGGLE TOO MANY TASKS. When I had a day off but have things to do, it usually ends up being that I have more than just a couple of tasks to get on with. There used to be times when one minute I’d be taking photographs for the blog and next trying to write a paragraph for my Uni essay, it doesn’t go down well. Take on just one task at a time, it end with better results trust me.

What do you do to have a productive day?

Megan ??



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