I’ve been blogging now for a little over 18 months, and i’ve enjoyed every single second of it. Blogging has helped me be creative and is a space where I can let my ideas and thoughts flow. As well as teaching me creative things, it’s also a place that has taught me a lot of things from tips and tricks to personal stuff, of which I am sharing with you today. So, here are the 10 things blogging has taught me.

  1. To not care what people think

I think most people, especially girls, can believe that what others think of us is important, its really not. Since starting my blog, and believe me at the beginning I was so afraid of what people would say, I now don’t really care what people think anymore. No matter what they have to say, it doesn’t effect how I feel because I know I have others that will lift me back up and make me feel happy, and those people are important.

  1. Writing is actually really fun

Throughout school life, writing seemed so daunting and something I never used to fully enjoy. I was always one to get my work done, but I never thought I’d want to write much again. Blogging has changed that for me. It’s a creative outlet where I can write what I want, when I want and that is probably what I’ve wanted for a long time. I am so passionate about writing now, and when I’m blogging its like a space of freedom and relaxation where I can go and type away all of my feelings and thoughts.

  1. Photography is something you can teach yourself

I always thought I never had a chance at being okay at photography; I’m still no expert, but just by investing in a camera and researching online I’ve taught myself a lot. Now I’ve got myself a little blogging setup that I’m really happy with and when I’m out and about shooting, whether on holiday or day trips, I feel confident with the camera and its settings. You can read all about how I take and edit my pictures here.

  1. Self-confidence

As I mentioned above, now I’m not so concerned on what people think, I think that’s made me become more confident in myself. Certainly when I first started blogging I was so unconfident and always doubted my work, but as I’ve taught myself along the way and had some amazing feedback I feel a lot more confident in my work and also myself. Sharing the love really really helps with confidence. Someone telling me they like a post or a photo makes my day. So doing it back makes me feel good.

  1. It’s okay to have time out

I’m one for routine and always wanting to achieve something of my day. Being currently a third year at University and blogging daily, I’ve noticed I don’t have a lot of time for myself, and not enough down time. But since cheap accutane blogging and seeing other people take some time out when they need it, it’s made me realise its fine to do that. After all, we are only human.

  1. The blogosphere are total babes

Since starting my blog just a little over 18 months ago I’ve met some incredible people from blogging, that’s both online and at events. They are literally some of the loveliest people and it’s so nice to be able to talk hours on end about things we share in common and are so passionate about. There are so many gorgeous faces to name; I’d be here a very long time!

  1. Self-comparison is a bi***

Having a blog means you’re on social media A LOT of the time, and that means seeing what others have, seeing what they’re up to and how well they’re doing. But really, don’t let this get to you. Other people’s lives can really look all bright and rosy, but in reality most people will be looking and envying you in the exact same way. As humans we constantly doubt ourselves and more often than not other people feel the exact same as to what you’re feeling. Don’t let it get you down; you just do the best version of you.

  1. Treating yo’ self is a good thing

Being a beauty blogger means I’m always buying new products (that really burns a hole in my pocket) but I’m so passionate about it, so why not? But it’s taught me that treating yourself to nice bits makes you happy. There’s nothing quite like a bit of retail therapy, and if treating yourself to a lipstick or a cute little handbag means making you feel better, so be it. Everyone needs a little self-splurge every now and then.

  1. The true meaning of being passionate about something

I didn’t have particular hobbies growing up, just being with friends and what not, and I never truly grasped the feeling of passionate about something. I can honestly say that blogging and being part of this world has made me so passionate about what I do and what the future holds. As a blogger, you get so many amazing opportunities that I would’ve never have thought could happen to me and it really makes you feel like you’re doing something right. Also, being able to spend time on my own projects is something I find so inspiring and it means I have somewhere fun and fulfilling to escape to.

  1. Supporting others is important

Throughout life, we aren’t told enough to share the love with others, apart from on social media. I’ve found that sharing the love in the blogosphere has founded me some amazing connections with new people and brands, and it just gives you that ‘feel good’ feeling. Supporting others will benefit them as well as you, and there are many ways you could share the love in the blogosphere. I’ve got a full post on my favourite ways here.

What has blogging taught you?

Megan ?



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