Welcome back to my monthly series that is essentially a March favourites, with six things I’ve been loving the past few weeks. The past month has been a bit strange for me, I’ve been super busy in terms of dissertation and many different occasions and events, and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. It’s certainly flown by, I can tell you that for sure. Although I’ve been super busy, there have been a good few things I’ve particularly enjoyed and need to share with you.

Glamour Beauty Festival

When I say I loved it, I really do mean I LOVED it. I went to the Glamour Beauty Festival last year and decided this year that I wanted todo both days, purely because there were amazing guest speakers on both days. It’s such a fun time when I’m so into all things beauty, and there’s so much to see and take in. I got to try out new products at the same time as get a few treatments myself and also treat myself to some bits. It’s definitely a thing I’ll be doing every year! You can check out a full blog post on what I got up to, here.

Got2b Styling Mousse

As I’ve got naturally curly hair, for the past year or so all I’ve done to my hair is wash it, let it dry and that’s it. But as it gets longer it starts to look a little drab, so I pulled this out of my cupboard and it’s made such a difference. I apply it to towel dried hair and scrunch until it’s all disappeared, then dry it with a diffuser and it makes my hair so much curlier and lifted – how have I not been using this before? To add shine and hydration I spritz over the OGX Coconut Oil Mist.

Eating Healthy

Since the start of 2017, my new goal was to get properly into fitness rather than seeing the gym and exercise as a time passer and not really buy cheap priligy getting much done. I joined in the new year  and have done exactly that since, and I feel really great. Alongside that I found it important to eat right in order to see better results and I’ve been really enjoying eating healthier foods and incorporating new things into my diet. Two weeks or so ago I purchased blogger and food fanatic, Niomi Smart’s Eat Smart book, which I instantly fell in love with. There are so many good recipes in there and so many tips and facts on nutrition that has been teaching me a lot. This is great also for sweet treats that you don’t need to feel bad about.

The Sunshine

AT LAST. The sun has been making an appearance over the past few weeks, and who doesn’t love a bit of sunshine? It has that real feel good factor, and towards the beginning of the month I was feeling a little stressed and unmotivated. But, as soon as the sun has come out it makes me want to do stuff (and also made me holiday search every single day!).

Spotify Playlists

I’m nearing the end of University, which means no more student discount (boohoo) so I decided to purchase the spotify premium upgrade so I can finally listen to what I want, when I want, on the go. I’ve been listening to so much more music and also made some amazing playlists for all moods, and it really helps me get going.

Burberry Beauty

This past month I haven’t actually bought much makeup, shocker! But I’ve been in love with bits from the Burberry Beauty line. I adore their lipsticks and have been wearing their new liquid lipstick in Fawn, the perfect dusky pink. It’s so comfortable and flattering! Their Cashmere Foundation is a new base product in my collection, which I’ve been using a lot! It’s perfect for oily skin with a medium everyday coverage. You can read all about it here.

What have you been loving this month?

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