Would you believe me if I told you that you could take your makeup of with just a cloth and water? I almost didn’t quite believe it either. Magnitone recently launched their Wipe Out Facial Cleansing Cloths* that have been specially designed to remove makeup with just water, which is suitable for all skin types. So, I put it to the test.

In the pack you get two clothes, both dual sided microfibre cleansing cloths, suitable to use on the eyes, face and lips. The only concern I had with these cloths is whether or not it might break me out by just removing my makeup with water, but of course I went onto my usual skincare after cleansing and I haven’t had a breakout. I’ve used them with light and heavy makeup, and the cloths remove it all. The only thing it doesn’t remove fully is a lot of mascara, its fine with a small amount but not if there’s a tonne. So for the eyes I tended to use my normal makeup remover, just because I like to make sure it’s all off and I also get sensitive amoxil online buy eyes with a lot of makeup removers.

The cloth is actually really soft, which I didn’t expect. I expected it to be a bit firmer, but it’s very gentle on the skin. Another amazing thing, you can use them up to 1,000 times, so from one pack you can get up to 2,000 uses. I tend to use these on a basis where I don’t have much makeup on as it’s quick and easy. In between uses I wash these in the washing machine and they come out brand new.

These work best when soaked with warm/hot water as it removes the makeup easily. When I cleanse my skin I always tend to use warm water as it opens up the pores and gets out all the dirt and excess oils. I am really impressed by these, and don’t be put off by the fact you just use water, they remove all signs of makeup and break down any dirt. I love using these as a hot cloth on makeup free days, its so relaxing.

The cloths are now available online here.

Have you used anything like this before?

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