On the 1st January of this year I became a ‘daily blogger’. I never ever thought for a second that I’d keep it up as I’m third year at University with deadlines up to my eyeballs and I didn’t think I’d possibly have that many ideas to write about. However, I’ve done it and it hasn’t been what I thought it would be.

At first, I thought daily bloggers could only be those who are full time bloggers. I thought someone like me wouldn’t have enough to write about, but on the first day of this year I just bit the bullet and decided to do it. So far, I’ve absolutely loved it. It’s nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be, as I genuinely have a passion for creating my own content. It’s not like other work where it has to be checked and given critical feedback for, its totally free and you can create what you want, when you want. Writing is what I enjoy the most, when I’m sat at my laptop and I’m able to write I just type, type, type. Blogging is my creative outlet and although daily blogging isn’t for everyone, this post is for everyone, whether you’re looking for inspiration, have a creative block or are interested in finding out what I think to daily blogging, then read on.

I’m not always up to date with blogging, that’s just life. It’s not always planned weeks in advance; sometimes I just type up a post on the day if I feel I need to talk about something. As I say, blogging is so free. People think daily blogging means you have to be like a month ahead of yourself, it’s not that at all. Everybody works at different paces; whether you’re one to write weeks in advance or type up and publish, you do you.

Don’t feel you need to work the way others do, you’re blog is what you want it to be so work at your own pace and you should cheap ventolin online never feel pressured. If there was a day I didn’t have any ideas or something to publish, I’d never push it just to upload, it just so happens I’ve managed to create content everyday for almost 3 months. Take today for example, I’ve had the afternoon to myself so I’ve got photos and posts done whereas yesterday I didn’t do anything – its never the same, which I really enjoy.

I tend to take my photos in bulk, which is a tip I’ve got from fellow bloggers and is a really good one that works. For those that have limited daylight, like myself, if you find a good bright day with some time on your hands, I’d give that time to blog photos. I usually aim to take about 5-10 posts worth of photos depending on how many products or things I’m photographing. I would hate to leave the photos till very last minute and them not be what I want, as I feel photographs are what make people want to click and read your post, as well as an intriguing title.

If daily blogging isn’t for you, as it once wasn’t for me, I think trying to stick to a post schedule really works. Before I switched to daily blogging I stuck to three times a week, but started to switch up the days, as I never knew which days were best to post. I’d never push blogging and force content out, I’ve just got a lot of inspiration from reading other blogs, which is mainly how I generate my own ideas. If you ever get stuck for ideas, I’d go onto Bloglovin or Pinterest and find some inspiration there, it always helps me. If you’re inspired to daily blog for any reason, give it a go, I’ve loved everyday of it!

What do you enjoy about blogging?

Megan ?



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