Brows have fast become a priority in the beauty world, from the ‘Insta-groomed’ brow to natural fluffy brows – all of which I love. Eyebrows are quite a personal thing, as people like to fill them in different ways and have different styles, and it can be quite hard to groom and maintain any type properly from home. I get mine threaded on a regular basis to get them to my desired shape and fill them in everyday. However, they are a pain to maintain in between each time and the Beautiful Brow Kit* is helping them look their best until the next threading day.

The kit comes with all the essentials you need to create and maintain perfect brows at home. No longer do I feel like I need to worry about my brows getting crazy and untamed, as mine grow out pretty fast. With this you can keep them well groomed as well as fill them in, all from one place. It comes with a smudge proof eyebrow powder (available in 5 shades), a duo brush, illuminating highlight powder, highlighter brush, soft grip tweezers, a magnifying mirror and easy-to-use eyebrow shapers for any type of brow. The brow shapers are great for those who desire a whole new brow shape instead of filling in what’s doxycycline no prescription there, and all of the shapers are so nice, you can really create any brow you want. All of this comes in a sleek white minimalistic compact case.

My kit is in the shade chocolate, a warm dark brown that matches my eyebrows perfectly. The shades also include slate, light brown, dark brown and black to suit any individual brow and hair colour. I find the brow powder really easy to use with the precise brush and it lasts all day. It also doesn’t have any fall out like some brow powders can have, and as mentioned, is completely smudge proof so they stay all day. The highlighter powder is a really pretty champagne nude shade and the small brush means you can get precise highlighting under the brows to give them that lifted look.

The kit is refillable to so when you run out of one of the products you can just buy that part, that way you can save money as you don’t have to buy the whole kit again. You can remove each individual compartment to so you can take whatever bit you like on the go with you, even in your little pocket!

Who else is a huge brow lover? What products do you love for fuss-free brows?

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