Since the start of the year I’ve been daily blogging and so far, I absolutely love it. For some reason the end of 2016 had me feeling a little sluggish and unmotivated, so the start of a new year got me thinking fresh and wanting to start something new. Daily blogging has been the answer for me as it keeps me active and in a constant circle of being creative. Of course, you don’t need to do this to stay motivated; it’s just my way of keeping something up and being creative. So, here are my ways of staying motivated.

Staying active is my number one solution. I’ve never really been one to curl up and not move AND enjoy it. I always want to be doing something – indoors or outdoors it doesn’t matter. Of course, I take time out for me time and what not, but I like to make something of each day. So keeping yourself going makes sure you get something good out of everyday.

In terms of blogging, my favourite and most effective way to stay motivated is to stay in touch with the online world. I don’t mean just social media; I mean the news, magazine articles and all sorts. Keeping in touch with what’s new really helps me think of new ideas, and when those ideas come I like to write buy ventolin inhaler online things down on my phone (or in a notepad) so I don’t forget, and can also brainstorm other ideas. Reading blogs quite frequently also keeps me in the swing of new blogging ideas, as a lot I read are very creative and inspirational, it makes me want mine to be the same for others.

Whatever you love doing, keep doing it. If there’s a hobby you enjoy doing, I say always make time for it. It’s kind of all part of ‘staying active’ but at the same time, its you time. Always ensure you do something for you, as you’ll completely tire yourself in no time and lose all motivation for everything. I personally love to exercise or write, so I always make sure when I want to do it, I do it.

A very important thing in the online world is – don’t dwell on what others have or can do. Being the best you can be is what works, not putting yourself down or attempting what others do. I believe (especially in the blogosphere) being yourself really shines through, and by doing this you won’t waste your time or energy, as you’ll be creating content you love. This for sure helps with motivation. Creating your own content that you love will just flow, creating content you’re iffy about just wont.

What motivation tips do you recommend?

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