Urban Decay refresh? Check. Makeup setting spray refresh? Check. Pardon the puns, Urban Decay have a little refresh makeover of their best-selling setting spray, the All Nighter*. The formula is still its amazing self, but the packaging and feel is all new and I’m loving it.

This setting spray is up there in my favourites because it is just great. It performs just the way you want it to, and you can get extremely long lasting makeup with just a few sprays. A makeup meltdown whilst you’re mid mojo is never fun, so simply misting this over your full-face glam will ensure you have no problems. Its formula is built for all skin types and is free from oils and parabens and has some insane Temperature Control Technology, which works to cool or warm up your makeup depending on the weather conditions. Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it, but it works. This buy generic ventolin inhaler makes sure your makeup sets for 16-hour wear and gives you smoother looking skin all day and all night.

Now, onto the new packaging. Its really gorgeous and just screams Urban Decay like no other packaging. It comes in a black soft-touch bottle with a purple sprayer and frosted white cap, super cute and classic. The sprayer itself is unlike any I’ve tried, as it spritzes out the finest mist I’ve ever used and doesn’t leave you with a wet or sticky face like some can. This spray is good for on the go due to its compact size; you can just pop it into your handbag.

Urban Decay are on the roll with new and amazing releases, and there are so many more to come in 2017! Who else is excited? You can purchase the all new spray here.

What Urban Decay products do you love?

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