With the summer coming, slowly but surely, I’m sure you’re all getting ready or craving to book a holiday. I sure am, I look every single day because I’m dreaming of the sunshine and getting some pure relaxation. As a girl, a big worry of mine is not having enough room to pack all of my stuff into a suitcase – you heard it right. I’m quite the ‘over packer’ and never have the best packing techniques or space saving ideas. The most important part of packing for me is all the beauty bits, as it always take me the longest time to sort. It’s hard whittling down what lipsticks you need, what skincare you’ll want and all that good stuff, right? If you’re the same, I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

I used to pack all of my beauty bits separately and as I said, I’m an over packer, so this never turned out well. Orla Kiely recently launched new wash bags* that I find perfect for packing all of your beauty essentials for your trip. Their newest collection boasts all kinds of wash bags from small to large, and today I’m telling you all about my ‘large train case’ seventies inspired one from their Seventies Oval Collection. With the 70’s style coming back in fashion what better way to style it than in your beauty collection? This range in particular is inspired by mid-century design with the most gorgeous colours that bring buy isotretinoin online pharmacy that summer vibe. As well as being pretty, the large bag is so practical and let me share with you why.

When you unzip the bag there is a large compartment big enough for face and eye palettes, makeup brushes and the rest, as well as your skincare bits. It fits a great amount in and keeps it all it one place which is so helpful, rather than having it in a million and one different places in your suitcase. The bag also comes with a zip compartment, quite spacious, that can fit all the little tools and bits you don’t want flying around your case such as tweezers, lip liners and more. The case itself is really well structured and stands upright at all times. I’ve had makeup cases in the past that lose shape and that means it doesn’t last long, so this one is so well made and worth the price!

I’ve used this for short trips already, such as a night away, and it’s perfect for that as you have more space than you might need for a shorter stay so you can pack other essentials into it. It’s just the perfect size to fit a lot into and I’ve needed something like this for a long time. I know all of you beauty lovers will be with me on this one!

These new wash bags from Orla Kiely are available exclusively at John Lewis and orlakiely.com.

What packing solutions do you have?

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