Skincare for me is all so much better when I’m trying something different, as it makes the process a bit more fun, especially if it works with your skin and you start seeing results. What’s new to me are collagen stimulating products that have been introduced to me by the Swiss Clinic with their Skin Renewal Treatment Kit*. These products are designed to boost collagen production, which helps with scars and skin elasticity, which helps plump the skin. Also, if your concern is aging skin then this solution is developed to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, but my concern is to plump my skin for healthy radiance.

Swiss Clinic is the latest craze from Scandinavia that landed in the UK not so long ago with targeted beauty treatments that deliver amazing and professional results. Their main aim is to bridge the gap between cosmetics and invasive clinic treatments, allowing you to achieve clinic results for a fraction of the cost from the comfort of your home. At home beauty treatments are my kind of thing, as I don’t like to splurge on salon treatments if I know I can achieve the same results myself. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind a massage or two, but when it comes to skincare I’d rather it be done by me.

This Skin Renewal Treatment Kit includes a Rejuvenating Serum, Micellar Cleansing Gel, a Skin Roller and skin roller sanitizing spray, all of which you use in turn and repeatedly for 5-7 days to see results. I used it for 6 days and then had the same amount of time off from it as it recommends, so that your skin has time to recover. Essentially, this kit will increase your collagen levels and give you plumper and renewed looking skin, which is the essential foundation for any other skincare and makeup.

To begin, you cleanse your skin with the Micellar Cleansing Gel and pat it dry. The gel helps remove any dirt or left over makeup from your face to leave you with fresh skin for the treatment. You then take the Skin Roller and roll it back and forth for a few minutes in different cheap priligy directions on the desired area, mine was the forehead, chin and lower cheeks. This skin roller did terrify me at first as it’s made with 540 micro needles, which are for starting the collagen stimulating process that results in healthier plump skin. However, I put it to the back of my mind and you can’t feel them at all during the rolling, it feels like a smooth surface on the skin so don’t let it put you off. I only apply light to medium pressure and roll for 1 minute in each area. The skin roller is designed to help the skin absorb the serum in the next step.

Immediately after rolling your skin, you apply the Rejuvenating Serum and it’s important to apply it straight after so that all of the goodness can sink into your skin. The Serum is an active skin-repairing gel that contains ingredients that work to instantly heal the skin after rolling it. I find it super soothing and cooling so it calms your skin and makes sure your skin doesn’t feel irritated. I recommend that you do this treatment at night-time after you’ve removed your makeup so that your skin can repair itself overnight. If you wish to apply your skincare creams its best to leave it about an hour after the treatment so that the serum has time to absorb. Also, always ensure you clean your roller with the sanitizing spray provided after every use.

After using it just once I noticed firmer looking skin, I am only in my early 20’s so wouldn’t use this with the means to minimise fine lines, but my skin definitely appeared plumper and fuller. This treatment is the sort of thing I’d repeat once a month or every 6 weeks to give it a lift and boost my collagen levels. It definitely leaves you with fuller skin that looks healthy and feels like you’ve had a salon treatment. As I say, if you’re concerned with fine lines or similar, this kit helps bring the life back into your skin and make it tighter and fuller again.

Have you ever tried an at home professional skin treatment?

Megan ?



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