A halo eye is one of my favourite eye makeup looks that I don’t do often enough. They seem like a lot of effort, but they really aren’t. I’m no master at it but I do always enjoy how it turns out, and you can literally use any colours you like so its super fun. I don’t do it often enough, but when I do I always feel so glam and a lot of people ask how I achieve it. So, I’ve got a written guide to help you create your own and to let you know exactly how I do it.

First up, my favourite colours to use for a halo eye are warm gold’s for the centre and deeper tones for the edges, such as browns, cranberries and even blacks. As I say, you can literally use any colours for this, from bright and colourful to subtle, it’s entirely your choice. Also, I feel these halo eyes look professional and complex but it really isn’t that at all.

For this exact halo eye I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I fell head over heels with this palette when I first got it and I’m so glad I got it back out again and here’s how I achieved it:

  1. Prime your lids. I always use concealer and powder to prime and set my lids as I feel it creates the best blank canvas and by setting it with powder means your shadows wont move or crease throughout the day/night. The Tarte Shape Tape is what I use for concealer and I set it with the Nars Translucent Loose Powder.
  2. Define your crease. This step is really important if you’re going for a warm and blown out look. I go for mid tone buy amoxicillin us browns/oranges for this and blend until seamless. For this particular look I used Raw Sienna and Realgar from the palette and a large fluffy blending brush.
  3. Add your edges. Pick your colour, its best to go for quite deep dark shades if you want the halo to pop. Apply the shade to the outer v (last third of your eye) and blend, and then do the same to the first third of your eye. Make sure it’s blended out towards the middle of the lid but keep the middle blank – its fine to smudge out the shadow you’ve just added to the middle. I then blend this through with the previous large fluffy blending brush so the shades are all blended together and also helps deepen the crease. For my look I used Red Ochre and a small crease brush.
  4. Create your halo. This is always my favourite part as its what makes the whole look. Now your crease is smoked out and the outer thirds of your lid are done, pop your desired colour into the middle. You can used a flat shader brush or your finger and put it directly in the middle of your lid. Do this until you have the desired pigmentation and then blend the edges softly so there are no harsh lines. I used Primavera for this with my finger.
  5. All done. I told you it was simple. If you wish, add some definition to your lower lash line. I mixed all three matte shades and swept it underneath.

I first experimented with these about two years ago, and here is the first ever one I did with this exact process.

Would you try this? What’s your favourite type of glam eye look?

Megan ?



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