Out of all the makeup I have, I really do think lashes can make the look. Ive been an avid lash wearer for quite a long time now, I do have quite long lashes but I do adore the false wispy effect. I usually wear more natural style lashes and do miss going all glam with them when I go a bit extra with my makeup. I’ve been testing out the new KISS faux mink lash couture lashes*, which are super glam and gorgeous. Oh my, have I missed going all out with my lashes.

These are the first natural faux mink lashes to the market, which I love as I personally would never use real mink lashes. All of which are soft, plush and really glamorous – it’s hard to pick what style are best as all three are so pretty and feminine. What I love about these is that they are knot free, which means you can get so much use out of them, up to at least 10 times. The band of the lash is thicker than normal which adjusts to your natural lash line and I find them so weightless and comfortable. I was a bit iffy at first as they seemed heavier than what I normally wear, but they feel like you have nothing on.


I have been wearing and testing two pairs out of the three new styles. I modelled buy accutane them here with no other eye makeup so you can see their true self. First up we have Gala, a more natural and lighter lash. This style appears more natural as the lashes aren’t as wispy and follow the natural lash height (they start small then grow longer in the middle). I find this style more suitable to my eye shape and easier to wear for everyday to evening.

If you’re more of an evening lash wearer, the second pair in the style Midnight will be your cup of tea. They are a super luxurious glam pair that looks incredible on an evening out. These are of the more wispy style that I adore and look so stunning alone or with glam eye makeup. Again, although these are a bit heavier they are so comfortable to wear. I love the softness and lustrous shine!

The lashes do not come with their own glue as it’s sold separately, however the times I’ve used them you can use any glue you like any they stay all day. When you first get them I recommend bending them a little so they curve and are easier to apply.

These brand new lashes are new to KISS and are sold at such an affordable price in Superdrug – very hard to resist!

Have you tried this new range from KISS?

Megan ?



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