Style is a very personal thing. But girls, when it comes to handbags I’m sure we can all agree that there are a good few we lust over all the time. It’s a habit of mine to scroll Instagram and Pinterest to look for new accessories, and bags are my favourite to look for. Personally, I’ve not yet purchased a luxury handbag before, not one of insane expense. However, I would really like to so I’m looking around the market non stop, as you can imagine.

This style of post is so new to me and I think handbags are the best place to start. I haven’t yet covered fashion on my blog, but I have been experimenting on my Instagram and so far I’ve been really enjoying myself with it. As I said, fashion is a personal thing and I love looking and getting tips from others personal styles. My blog is a personal platform so I thought why the heck not add a fashion category as it’s something I’ve been really into lately and I think it could push my confidence and content a bit more! So, welcome to my fashion category where you’ll be seeing more posts from me and also on my Instagram. On to the bags!

There are so so many cheap accutane 30mg inexpensive bags on the market at the minute, my favourite being Zara and Mango bags. However, there’s something quite different and special about a luxury handbag isn’t there? So I’ve created my ultimate wishlist of my designer handbag favourites for Spring/Summer.

A lot of my wishlist includes smaller everyday bags, as personally I find them more useable and I like it to act as an accessory. Larger bags I’ve chosen fit so well with this coming season, especially Summer. For example, the Marc Jacobs ‘West End’ Tote is the perfect size and colour for a sunny vacation, it’s so chic and would add an amazing pop of colour to a darker outfit. I noticed after spying on a few, a lot of my favourites came from Dolce & Gabbana’s line of smaller shoulder bags. To me, these are the perfect size, so well made and super luxurious. My style is more on the minimalistic side with pops of colour here and there, so these are so me. I love colour blocking on other people and would love to try it myself. Colour can be quite daunting to experiment with but I’m getting there, as you’ll be seeing!

What’s pushing me more and more to make the splurge soon and really treat myself is the fact that each of these bags are brand new and discounted. LoveTheSales sells not only luxury goods, but high street to from fashion to beauty and electronics, but their bag range is my absolute favourite. You can shop the hangbag goodness right here. You can shop each bag from my wishlist under the picture above.

What luxury hangbag do you have your eye on?

Megan ?

* via LoveTheSales *


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