L’Oreal Paris have launched a tonne of new and exciting products this year, but this review is of something I should’ve tried a good year or so ago. It’s their Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, one I’ve wanted to try for a very long time and I can’t believe I’ve only just purchased it. For a drugstore foundation it is at the higher end of the budget, retailing for £15, but my favourite foundations all seem to be high to mid end, so I felt I can justify giving this a go as it is indeed cheaper than those.

I was on the hunt for a base product, ideally a foundation that can give me a fresh glowy ‘no makeup’ look without feeling like I need to apply more products on top. I wanted something quick and easy that adds a layer of radiance and can hide my blemishes at the same time, and this does exactly that. With other foundations I’ve tried to achieve this with, they’ve never seemed to give the right finish. They give that ‘blank canvas’ look and always needed a bit of bronzer, blush and highlight to make it look right. Whereas the Cushion Foundation gives a nice dewy coverage that makes it still look like your skin, without the added steps.


As I say, this foundation gives a really fresh and radiant finish and is super featherweight on the skin. Its quite a strange generic priligy dapoxetine concept this product, as it’s a soft cushion drenched in a liquid foundation, where you tap a sponge into it to pick up the product then apply. It comes with its own applicator, however I prefer to use my Beautyblender as its easier to control and clean. Applying it with a sponge allows you to build up your desired coverage, and if you dampen the sponge it gives an even more radiant glowing finish.

With lighter coverage foundations I usually find they don’t last a good amount of time, but this one has proved me wrong. If applied in the morning its always still in place and radiant by the end of the day. I prefer to apply two light layers of this to get a light to medium coverage, which I find covers blemishes and gives a gorgeous finish. Although I have combination/oily skin, I’ve applied this without powdering and it doesn’t budge. I am super impressed with this!

The packaging is something I’m a big fan of, as it comes in a cute small plastic pot instead of a glass bottle, which is super handy to pop in your bag and take on the go with you.

The only thing I would say is that there isn’t the biggest shade range; it caters for light to medium skin tones from the shades Porcelain to Beige and Golden Amber.

What’s your favourite natural base product?

Megan ?



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