When you find great quality drugstore brushes I get really happy. I think good makeup tools are essential for creating your desired look, whether it’s your foundation, bronzer or eyeshadow, the tools are super important. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes ever since I first started out with makeup, and their new Multi Tech Collection* is perfection.

The Multi Tech range boasts brand new brushes that mean you can play any way you want to. All of the brushes and tools encourage you to unleash your beauty creativeness to create unlimited beauty looks. The way the brushes are designed with tapered ends, means you can use them for many different things and in so many ways. With the tapered ends you can really add definition and detail to your look, whilst the flatter sides are great for picking up, packing on and blending the product. Their are 8 new beauty tools from point size XXXS to XXXL and a new sponge, so you can create any look you want!

First up, my favourite from the collection, the eye brush set, which comes with 4 brushes and a makeup brush stand, super compact and handy for when you’re on the go/travelling. They are pretty much all of the small brushes you’d need and more, and the set is affordable and incredible quality. Each brush is so soft and so good at picking up product. The set includes:

Point S – for all over shadow, concealer, defined contour and highlight

Point XS – for colour correcting, concealer and crease shadow

Point XXS – for detailed highlighting, detailed shadow, lip blending and more

Point XXXS – for brow filling, smoky liner, smudged liner, lip detailing and more

There are three large face brushes, which are point L for adding contour, highlight and blush detail whilst point XL is for foundation ventolin application as well as bronzers and tinted moisturisers, then XXXL for all over body and face buffing.

The large brush (L) has soft fibres that allows any type of application, even BB & CC creams and ensure the perfect buff that leaves no streaks. The XL is best to use for foundation and larger powder applications. I love this one to buff out foundation, as the head is so large it makes the process super quick and fuss fee.

I then have point XXXL (pictured first), which is so perfect for all over bronzer on your face and body. If you want to try out body contouring then this is your guy, its pointed tip means you can accentuate all the parts you wish to and the soft bristles ensure no harsh lines!

The sponge is totally new to me as I’ve never used a Real Techniques one before, so it was nice to see what they’re like. The 360 point makeup sponge is perfect for blending finer detail products such as cream or liquid contour and highlight. Then the rounded base is for full face foundation and I prefer to buff in liquid with this as it blends so quick and flawlessly. I also recommend using this damp as it expands a bit in size and makes the application quicker. Just simply pop it under running water for a few seconds and squeeze out the excess. The sponge also comes with a stand, which it so handy to you can leave it to dry and have somewhere to store it that is easy to access.

The design of these is so fun and dimensional, with smooth elegant handles and two toned bristles. The makeup brush stand and sponge stand also add a nice extra touch.

Have you tried anything from the new range?

Megan ?



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