With prepping for summer and your holidays, I find my skin a little harder to prep. I always want to have the smoothest skin and legs ready for tanning, and ensuring my body is well nourished and look after is key for me throughout the warmer months. It’s not like the cold winter where you can embrace the hairy legs and be free. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand soaking up the sun with dry or rough skin, so I’m prepping my skin early and transporting myself to somewhere tropical with Hempz Pomegranate Sugar Scrub*.

Exfoliation is essential when you want to get the best tan possible. This scrub is enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil that provides you with smooth and hydrated skin, whilst also making you smell of sweet summer. Whether you want to tan in the sun on holiday or applying the tan at home, a smooth base makes sure you tan evenly and I think quicker. I saw a huge difference in my tan last summer after taking good care of my skin by exfoliating regularly and moisturising everyday. Having a good base ensures you get the best glow possible, which I’m all for.

I find the formula buy doxycycline usa very gentle on the skin and the Shea butter and natural extracts help calm and soothe the skin ready for the tan. It’s also formulated with Vitamins A, C and E that help to protect your skin from environmentally triggered toxins, which is so important when you’re in the sun. The pomegranate extract contains antioxidants that renew your skin giving it that healthy radiance we all crave in the summertime, and it smells absolutely divine (if I could eat it, I would). This product is just full of goodness and I now use it once or twice a week, depending on if my skin needs it. I wouldn’t recommend exfoliating everyday, as you don’t want to irritate your skin. I would say this is great for dry skin as its so gentle, but only apply a small amount or you can even mix a it into your shower gel. Another tip if you’re prepping your skin for some real summer sun, always ensure to apply SPF after exfoliation and moisturiser!

This is now available for purchase on in this scent and many others.

Who else is excited to get their summer glow on?

Megan ?



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