With the long and very needed Easter weekend just gone, I thought what better time than to share with you my favourite ways to get a bit of down time at the weekends. I don’t work full-time but I am mid dissertation, daily blogging, part-time working and for some reason always busy – there’s never really a moment I stop and have a long time to take some down time. But, when I do it feels so good.

I’m one to always have a busy schedule, I like it that way, but down time is super important to keep your brain in check and not feel like too much is on your plate. If you’re like me and love a busy schedule, make sure you give yourself some ‘you time’, it really helps me focus for what’s ahead. Relaxation is key to stop my brain from constantly ticking. So, let’s get into my favourite ways to get some weekend down time.

Switch off

Being quite the phone addict and also needing to be on it a lot for blogging, I do try and switch off from technology when I can. By that I mean my phone and social media, as with down time I like to watch catch up or YouTube. Switching off your phone or just putting it to the side is actually the thing for me that makes the biggest world of difference. Even an hour or two with it out of the way and not keep checking for notifications is more therapeutic than it might sound. This is the number one thing I do when I need to zone out and focus on getting some me time. It’s also something I do when spending time with friends or loved ones, I just pop it in my bag and not let it be a distraction.

A good old cuppa T

I am a big tea lover, more than I ever was before. Recently I’ve also got into drinking fruit and herbal teas, so I am building quite the selection. When I want an hour or two to myself the first thing I do is make a good cuppa tea. Also, if you’re buy ventolin asthma inhalers feeling a bit down I always think a cup of warm tea just makes the day that bit better.

Soaking it all up

After a long and stressful week, I always think its time for a good pamper. I do like to shower but there’s nothing more relaxing than a long soak in the bath. To make it extra special I usually use some luxury soaks or Lush products and have a candle-lit bath and close my eyes. A big old bubble bath does indeed soak up all the stress and gives you space to think. I like to switch on YouTube, put a facemask on and take in my cup of tea if I feel like it to, it’s like making my own little mini spa.

Good food is good for the heart

During the week I like to stick to quite a healthy routine with my diet, especially with going to the gym. But when it gets to the weekends I let go a little and I think good food really is the way to make you happy. I love visiting cute little coffee shops/cafes during the weekends if I come across any, as they do the scrummiest food and I adore finding new and unique places. Exploring and venturing out is also a favourite way of mine to get some down time, it takes your head away from the busy week and helps me breathe.

Catching up

As I said, I love to catch up with series or YouTube during those moments I’m craving a bit of me time. However, catching up means with anything you’ve been missing out on. If you love to read blogs or meet up with friends, the weekends are made for that. I always make sure I have something planned at the weekend that’ll allow me to get dressed and take time with my makeup before heading out and doing something. Even if it means popping to town to pick up some bits or have a stroll and grab a coffee, catching up with yourself will help you feel ready for the next week ahead.

What are your favourite ways to get some weekend down time?

Megan ?



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