I’m back at it with a new ‘loves’ post, this time it’s all about what I loved throughout April. Can I just say, did April even exist? It flashed by my eyes within (what felt like) a few minutes. The next few weeks will be hectic for me to so I’m sure that will zoom by! Although it’s gone super fast I’ve actually been enjoying a lot of new things, so let’s cut the blab and get into it.

L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

As I’ve been quite busy or sitting at home writing my dissertation, it’s been quite a makeup ‘free’ time. I’ve either been makeup free or opted for a natural, quick and easy base and for that I’ve been reaching for the L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. This foundation exceeded my expectations as I’m a girl who likes a medium to full coverage foundation, and although this is lightweight and very natural, it’s buildable and is so dewy and flawless. It’s so easy to apply and is perfect for those days I can’t be bothered much but want a seamless finish with glowing skin. You can read a full review here.

Getting A New Setup

As I’ve been blogging for over a year and half now, I thought it was time to get a new photography setup. I’ve been taking them in the same cramped space forever now, so I’ve DIY’ed a space in the house to take blog photos from and it’s so much more spacious. It means I can take them somewhere else other than my room, which is already quite full of makeup. It’s been nice have a change up! I’ve also been on the hunt for new props and small unique boutique places in Norwich helped me out a lot. I love fresh buy ventolin pills crisp photos and new props really get me inspired.

Being Bare Faced

Like I’ve mentioned, this month has been quite busy which means I’ve been makeup free quite a lot of the time BUT I’ve enjoyed it so much. The best bit about wearing no makeup throughout the day means you don’t have to deal with that dreaded evening routine of taking it all off. I can just wash my face etc and jump into bed – it’s so fab! My skin has been thanking me for this to.

My Portable Phone Charger

This one sounds so basic but in reality, it’s probably my most favourite thing of the month. I’m a girl who is always on her phone, not a good thing in the slightest, but I’m always keeping up with social media, the news and regularly doing blog bits. I’ve been having serious issues with battery life on my phone and this little guy has come in so handy. I’ve got one from Anker, which has two ports and charges an iPhone fully up to 3 and a half times. I always keep it in my bag as it’s small and compact, and it’s the handiest thing ever I’ve ever purchased.


I used to be quite the matte lip girl, I do still love them a lot, but I just love glossy lips. I have quite small lips so matte lips can sometimes make them appear smaller as I’m not one to overdraw my line lip. However, with glossy lips my lips feel fuller and super feminine. My favourites of the month have been Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oils and the Tanya Burr Glosses, they add so much shine and I don’t find these ones sticky at all and last so long.

What have you been loving the past month?

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