Something I love to experiment with is new makeup tools. Although the makeup you use can determine the finished look, I find good tools make such a difference. You know you’ve found a good brush or applicator when you literally use nothing else. I’m definitely one to stick to the same few tools for everyday makeup. Its just easier and you know how they’ll perform. Lately, I’ve been all about Blank Canvas brushes.

Blank Canvas is a brand I’ve used for some time now and many of their brushes I’ve tried have made their way into my favourites at some point. Some of their latest brushes have been released in gorgeous metallic shades, which of course I was all over.

If you’re all about killer contour, then you’ll love the F33 Extreme Contour Brush* (bottom). It comes in 5 colour combos, my choice being Rose Gold as it’s just my favourite. Although this brush looks quite different to something you might normally use, I actually love how it works. I didn’t think I’d get on with it at first, as I’ve never used something quite like it, however it proved me wrong. Its angled dense bristles make picking up product so easy, either cream or powder, and its large head makes application really quick. To use you simply place the product onto the desired area with the flat edge and then turn it onto its side to blend. As the bristles are so dense it means the cream or powder contour you apply blends out to leave a natural finish with no harsh lines.

The E03* (right) is a brush that swiftly made its way into my everyday makeup bag. It’s a lip liner or tear buy ventolin duct highlighting brush, I use it for highlighting as it’s just so perfect. I have one other inner corner highlight brush and it just never picks up enough product, so this little guy has saved me. Its small flat head allows you to apply product so precisely. I find other inner corner brushes quite hard and uncomfortable but the bristles of this is super soft and friendly to your eyes.

If you’re into a more natural contour application, then I would recommend the F19 Tapered Concealer/Contour Brush* (left). Their Extreme Contour Brush does blend out to a natural contour, but if you like to apply a smaller amount and feel you need more precision they I would start with the F19. You can use this for concealer to, but I’ve only tried it out with contour products, as I like to apply my concealer straight from the applicator. The small round headed brush allows a fine and precise contour application every time. If you’re a beginner to contour then I’d say this brush would be a lot easier to use and its narrow tip means you can apply a minimal amount if that’s your preference. This works best with liquid or cream products and to blend out the contour I would use a larger brush or sponge.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes are vegan friendly and one of the easiest to clean. I generally clean them with baby shampoo on a brush-cleaning mat and they’re as good as new within seconds! They are also super affordable and in my opinion work a lot better than some of my high end brushes!

What budget brushes do you recommend?

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