Palmer’s is a brand many know for skincare, but I’ve been testing out their haircare products for the past month and oh my, I’ve been missing out. As for the skincare range, it’s one I’ve been using for years so it’s so refreshing to incorporate haircare products from a brand I trust and love. Want to see more?

My hair adores coconut products and both of these products from Palmer’s are formulated with the tropical fruit. The products contains ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi, infused with Tiare flowers petals. This combination of ingredients gives a real fresh and raw scent, one that takes me back to summer holidays. Also, the raw natural ingredients mean your hair will be left cared for and nourished by the best. They also give leave your hair incredibly shiny.

If you love a multi-tasking product then I suggest their Coconut Oil Hair Milk Smoothie*. This is a 2in1 because you can use it on either dry or damp hair, depending what you prefer. The hair milk smoothie acts as a lightweight hair lotion that deeply nourishes and hydrates hair to restore its softness and shine. To use this on dry hair, which is my preference, you simply place a small amount into your palms, rub together and smooth through the hair from scalp to ends. On dry hair it doesn’t leave any sticky residue like I thought it would, it sinks into the hair and leaves it super buy ventolin in uk smooth and hydrated. To use on damp hair, you repeat the same process with a tiny bit more product but focus mainly on the end as you don’t want your hair to dry with excess product in it. After applying make sure to brush through your hair and then blow dry as you would normally. Both ways give the same results, but I think applying it to damp hair helps the shine stay longer.

For a quick fix solution I’ve been all about Palmer’s Weightless Shine Dry Oil Mist*. This mist is formulated with 8 nutrient-rich hair oils that work to shine the hair, like hair milk but adds silkiness and gives the hair a revitalising lift. Just like a facial mist would, this spray works to lift your hair and give it a quick hydration boost. This works best on clean towel dried hair, whether your blow dry it or not. It also smells so dreamy and the smell lasts on your hair throughout the whole day. I usually spritz 4-5 pumps about 30cm away from my hair and let it settle before styling.

Palmer’s have really pulled it out of the bag with their haircare. I’m all for keeping my hair in the best condition, and as I have curly hair my hair tends to suffer with dryness. These products have really helped bring the shine and healthiness back into my hair.

What hair care do you love for to achieve a luscious shine?

Megan ?



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