I never thought I’d be one of those girls to love wearing falsies. A year or so ago they seemed like a tonne of effort and I only ever really wore them for special occasions. After so much practice and finally being able to (kind of) get it right most of the time, I’m always going for falsies over mascara. Whether you’re going for a simple look or full glam, they add a touch of something to every look. I now find them easier than having to sit and take off mascara at night, it always took me forever. Also, people forget that falsies don’t always have to be super intense either, I always go for more natural lashes and they make me feel like I’ve made a lot more effort than I have.

My favourite type of false lashes are wispy style, quite long in length as I have long lashes already, so I like something a bit longer and fluttery. My favourite ever lashes for everyday are the Ardell Wispies and I swear by them for a more natural look. I don’t ever wear super intense lashes, as I don’t feel they suit me, but for something in between natural and full glam I’ve been all about the Pinky Goat lashes in the style Ruba*.

These are the perfect falsies for adding length, volume and wispiness without looking too false and intense. I can’t get away with bold lashes and although these look quite full on in the packaging, they are so natural amoxil cheap when applied to the eye. Their curved and narrow band make them really easy to apply and the width of the band means it is it not obvious. It says you can wear them without applying mascara either before or after, but I tend to apply a tiny bit of mascara after to gel my lashes to the falsies, which makes them appear more natural.

I’ve already got a lot of wear out of these and I can tell they’ll last a lot longer. I would say you would get around 7-10 wears, as long as you clean them and de-glue the band each time. I always ensure to de-glue them after every wear so they are ready to go for the next time I want to wear them, and always makes them as good as new. I either pick it with my fingers or with tweezers; you just need to make sure you are careful enough not to break the band.

These lashes are exclusive to Superdrug and you can shop this style and more here. There are so many more I would love to try out, there is a bit of every style from more natural to these and also full glam. As I say, Ruba is a style for me that I love to wear for daytime glam that can take me through to the evening. So, if you love lashes that can do that I highly recommend this style!

What falsies do you love?

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