Hello beauties! Welcome back to my monthly blog read favourites. Since being a daily blogger, I’ve read more blogs than ever before. I get a lot of inspiration from reading blogs, so it’s now something I do everyday. Whether its catching up on those I already follow or searching for new ones, I love to indulge and enjoy others content. There’s been a fair few bloggers that have caught my eye this month and I’m going to share my favourite with you.

Hannah from HannahGale

I love a blog where they is constant amazing content being uploaded. I’m always heading over to Hannah’s blog not knowing what’s coming next and I love that. Hannah’s blog is one I’ve written about here before, but this month her content is killing it. From fashion posts, photography tips and travel posts to personal posts talking through Instagram tips and so much more. My absolute favourite post of the month of May was Hannah’s The Sassiest Pink Skirt In All The Land – oh how I wish I could pull off a skirt like that! Hannah’s fashion posts aren’t just stunning pictures either, she goes all out into detail about how she dresses up outfits and how it makes her feel, which goes to show how much effort goes into her content.

Albertine from DippyWrites

If like me you could spend hours and hours reading about beauty, then you need to head over to Albertine’s blog. Honestly, so many reviews of new in beauty products as well as her thoughts on the latest in the industry. My favourite post of the month has to be Albertine’s experience of getting the ‘Audrey Brow’, and they ended up looking amazing! It’s nice to see beauty treatment reviews as well as straight up products, as it gets me wanting to be more experimental myself.

Sophie & Emma from MySistersWardrobe

With My Sisters Wardrobe, you get two bloggers for the price of one – something you don’t see all the time! Two beautiful sisters, Sophie and Emma, have made a fashion blog I’m all for. Street style mixed with class and femininity is what I live for, and mixing the two styles together is even better. Their wardrobes boast sports luxe, everyday style and the most incredible shoe collection. The sisters are so my style and I’m constantly going back to check if they’ve got new content. Likewise, I’m always checking up on their drool-worthy Instagram account, linked here, where they show off even more of their wardrobe. Oh how I’d love to get a sneak peak!

Hannah from LittleThoughtsBlog

It’s not all the time I read just beauty and fashion blogs. Mental Health is an important topic and part of my life and its so refreshing to see someone speak so strong and openly about it. It makes me understand my own feelings a bit more and helps me gather confidence in talking about the topic myself. Hannah writes about a whole array of other topics such as beauty and lifestyle, but what grabs my attention most is the posts on mental health and her journey. It’s so eye opening to read more about someone else’s experience and  a recent post of hers about recovery is one I recommend if you like reading these stories to.

What blogs have you been loving throughout May?

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