With Instagram being a bit uninspiring these past few weeks and there being a decrease in trust and motivation in it, I thought what better way than to share the love. Although I have been lacking on posting myself, I’ve still been online just as much to support the accounts I follow and have also found some new ones along the way. It really shows when someone puts a lot of time and effort into their pictures and feeds, even with this whole negative Instagram vibe lingering. So, here are my favourites from the month of May.

Sinead from sineadcrowe

My favourite feeds are actually those that aren’t the same thing every picture, I like some depth to the pictures and to see something a bit different. Sinead’s feed is just that. The posts cover everything from fashion to beauty and lifestyle, and hers is one of those I can spend hours scrolling through. The fashion posts in particular are my favourites, and oh my would I love a sneak inside her wardrobe. I’m always taking tips!

Maria from mariajblogs

A feed I’d die to have is Maria’s. Not only does the colour pink run through her feed so seamlessly (my favourite) but also, her pictures are just so effortless. You know order generic accutane those pictures you look at and you think it would take ages for you to get the same effect, yes that’s how Maria’s photos make me feel. Girl, you need to teach me! Her personal shots are some of my favourite and would love to know her setup!

Valentine from its_not_snyx

If you love a flatlay then you will be head over heels for Valentines feed. Her consistent and endless gorgeous flatlays are always so on point. Being able to master a flatlay ever time how Valentine can is just a dream. Also, having the ability to stick to a colour theme is something I’ve never been good at but I can tell she really knows her stuff.

Kirsty from lifeinexcess_

Another gorgeous feed I follow, one a bit more minimalistic, which I’m ALL about is Kirsty’s. Picture after picture I drool over, especially those she posts of her gorgeous surroundings in Dubai (not jealous one bit!). Each and every shot is something new and something exciting and I’m always waiting to see what’s next. It’s a feed I don’t think I could ever get bored of!

Who’s feed do you lust over?

Megan ?



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