A summer lip is one I get quite excited for I must say. All those gorgeous brights and light shades aren’t ones I wear all year round, but I’m definitely going to embrace them this coming season.


It can’t be a summer lipstick post without mentioning some beautiful bright reds. My favourites for summer this year are quite similar in shade but one more affordable. First is L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick in 346, a really gorgeous true red. You can change up the intensity and brightness of this red depending which liner you pair it with. I love any creamy true red liner to bring out it’s true colour, or of an evening I’d pair it with a deeper red liner to get more of a cherry red finish. These are so soft and a really comfortable matte. For one a little more matte and longer lasting is one of the most iconic reds from MAC, Russian Red. This again is a true red, quite similar in shade to the L’Oreal one, but a little deeper. I’ve had this in my collection for such a long time as is one I always pick out first! It’s so pretty and pigmented, I can always rely on this to last me throughout the day.


Never before have I been comfortable enough to wear an orange lip, not one quite so bright anyway. The L’Oreal Infallible Matte Lip Paint in 203 Tangerine is just so stunning, I just couldn’t resist to pick it up and attempt to rock it. I actually love it, which is something I never thought I’d say. This paired with minimal eye makeup and dewy skin is so stunning and this buy dapoxetine shade is one I’ll be wearing a lot on holiday. The formula wears really well and they are super comfortable. It dries matte but feels hydrating and doesn’t dry out your lips at all, which I’m all for. It does take a little time to get full coverage pigmentation, but I would say two to three coats is perfect. If you’re into more muted brights but still want that orange summer lip I adore the Kylie Lip Kit in Pumpkin. Although this is part of their Fall shades, I adore this for summer. It’s a really pretty brown toned orange when applied to the lips (brighter on some skin tones than others), and when worn with the liner it’s really comfortable and easy to wear. It’s great for those that want to try out with orange lips and don’t quite fancy wearing something super colourful and intense. These lip kits are super matte so I always make sure to apply a balm underneath, and they always last for ages!


My go to pink shade had to be a super bright lipstick, one full of life and shine. The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Range boasts a whole range of beautiful lip shades, but this shade from her Divine Lips selection is so perfect for sunny days. It’s Evelyn, a bright hot pink that is unbelievably creamy. This formula is so hydrating and the glossy finish is really flattering on so many skin tones. I can’t wait to rock this more throughout summer.

L-R: L’Oreal 346, MAC Russian Red, Kylie Pumpkin, L’Oreal Tangerine, Joan Collins Evelyn

What summer lipsticks are you ready to rock?

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