Freedom is something I haven’t really experienced much of before. I’ve been in education for a straight 18 years and it seems like a life time. Last week I finished University, which means education and that side of life is officially over. It actually feels so surreal to say that, and now the next step is to find a full time job and become a real adult (scary!). True adulthood comes at different times in everyone’s life and means different things for different people, but I’m actually so excited for what’s to come.

Being able to be free from doing work, attending lectures and what not means I have more free ‘brain time’. By this I mean I finally have space in my mind for other things, rather than it being overcrowded with to do lists and work. Simplicity of the mind is something I’ve been craving for a long long time.

During the busiest weeks of my degree, which was when I was finalising my dissertation, my mind was overloaded with all sorts of things. From worrying thoughts to utter stress, and it’s nice to let that stress finally go and open my mind to the future.

This post is basically letting you know how important I think having some freedom is. I for one am certainly a get-goer, whilst doing my degree I felt I needed to be on the move with 101 things to achieve during the day. I agree that staying busy 24/7 can sometimes feel like the right thing to do, but it really isn’t. Since finishing my degree and having spare time on my hands has made me realise I don’t generic amoxil online need to move at a million miles per hour. Instead, I’ve found meaning to having time with nothing to do other than things that make you truly happy. For me that’s having time to get creative and go for walks.

Freedom for me isn’t being able to sit in all day long and do nothing, it’s having time to do the things that I love. Don’t get me wrong, I do love an evening sitting watching Netflix on my phone, but there are other times I feel I need to do something that can free my mind.

As humans living in a ‘socially connected world’ around the clock can make you feel like you need to keep up to date with everything and everyone. In reality, that’s not healthy for the mind and definitely adds unneeded stress. Taking a step back and opening your mind to things you really enjoy doing is probably the most freeing feeling. Just give yourself time each day, or even across a whole weekend, to do what you love most and you’ll feel regenerated.

My whole point of this chatty post is to show how important freedom and making time for the things you love can be. During my degree I kept occupied 24/7 and I didn’t realise how drained it made me. My first week of free time has made me realise just how vital and amazing freedom is. Even for those that work full-time, I think prioritising yourself just once a week can give you that head space and get your mind back on track.

What does freedom mean to you?

Megan ?



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