For the past few months I’ve been quite repetitive with my eyeshadow looks, switching from golds to bronzes and not much in between. I was introduced to the new Urban Decay Afterdark Palette* a couple of weeks back and it’s taken me back to experimenting again with purples, greens and reds… finally!

Urban Decay are continuously releasing new products that I adore, but this palette was something I’ve been most excited for. Although the palette is full of jewel toned metallic glitter shades that I would sometimes only use for a glam look, I find these really wearable in the daytime depending on how you use them. Also, unlike some other glitter palettes there are a lot of muted glitter shades that are easy to work with and are easy to apply even if you’re new to glitter. This new palette boasts 7 brand new shades and 3 cult favourites that no UD junkie should be without.

For this look I only took a few matte transition shades and then used one shade from the Afterdark palette for the lid and one for the lower lash line, and it was super easy and quick todo. It’s one of those palettes you can use for a simple look that appears well thought out and seems that you’ve spent a lot of time on.

Unlike any other glitter eyeshadows these are really seamless to blend and there isn’t any ‘chunks’ of glitter throughout each shade. They are very finely milled which is why they are easy to blend and also means you don’t get much fall out or creasing. Before using the shadows I primed my eyes with a concealer and set with a translucent powder to give a blank canvas and also means the shadow is less likely to transfer or crease. With any glitter look I always do my eyeshadow as the first step in my makeup, but these would be fine to do after you’ve applied your base as there isn’t much fall out at all, especially if you tap the excess off of your brush. All of the shades pick up so well with a flat shader brush as well as your fingertip, and both ways give amazing pigmentation. I usually find that applying lid shadows with your fingertip gives off more pigmentation, however these shadows work just as well with a brush. They also work well wet if you like to dampen the brush for extra intensity.

I’ve been loving the shades Supersonic, Lounge and Fringe for either all over the lid for some intense glittery glam or as a pop of colour on the lower lash line. However, for this look I decided to use the darker purple in the palette as it’s so beautiful and I just online pharmacy amoxil don’t wear these shades enough.

I used the Morphe 35N palette which is full of warm matte shades, and I mixed 3 warm orange toned browns together to deepen my crease and then went straight into the Afterdark Palette. On the lid I’m wearing the deeper purple shade, Backfire, which has a slight pink hue to it when applied to the lid and I applied this with a flat shader brush from Crown Brush UK. This shade is more of a muted purple than a deep purple when on the lid, which I found really flattering with my brown eyes. For the lower lash line I went with the shade Sinful, a really pretty warm gold that added an extra pop of something special to the look. To apply this I used both sides of the dual-ended brush that comes with the palette, which is so great at packing on colour.

I wore this look in the daytime and actually received a lot of compliments on it. I personally think that adding a different colour to the lower lash line gives any look an extra special touch and looks like you’ve put a bit more effort into it – when is reality, it was so simple! As I say, the palette is so versatile you can literally create any type of glitter look with it and use the shades as you please. I will definitely be using this for an evening out and going all in with the more ‘daring’ shades.

The products I’m wearing:

Another thing I adore about this palette is the packaging, and Urban Decay always exceed my expectations. They’re all so unique and personal to the products inside. I love the metallic purple finish, it’s so fun but sophisticated at the same time. It’s also not as bulky as the other palettes so it’s super easy to slip into a makeup bag and it also comes with a large mirror on the inside, which is super convenient for on the go.

Urban Decay have been pulling so many goodies out of the bag recently, I’m so so excited to see what’s to come! The Afterdark Palette is available to purchase here.

Have you tried any new in bits from Urban Decay?

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