Does anyone else love to indulge themselves in a coat of fragrance every time they use it? Because I do. Sometimes I forget how expensive some fragrances are, and many squirts later I realise I’ve made a huge mistake. As much as I love to do this, it’s time for me (and maybe you to, if you’re guilty) to stop and realise there are other alternatives to using up your expensive fragrances every single day.

Recently, I discovered So…? released a range of Body Mists*, which are not only affordable but are enough to wear as your scent of the day. These new body mists are a perfect alternative to using up your much-loved luxury fragrances so fast, as they smell fabulous and linger on the skin just like a fragrance does. I remember using So…? body sprays back in secondary school and trying new things from the brand just takes me way back.

Each bottle claims to have 600 sprays in them, which I’m yet to find out but I’ve used one particular scent (White Petals) everyday for the past few weeks and have over two thirds of the bottle left. I find three to four pumps enough for the either the entire body as a light mist or on the points you’d typically spritz your perfume. I do think these are light enough to spray onto your clothes, but I usually do so at some distance.

Let me tell you a little bit about each scent to see which would be your pick…

Pink Grapefruit – a fruity cocktail of zesty citrus, mango and passion

Vanilla Milkshake – sweet vanilla notes with a mix of peach and plum

Musk – a sophisticated blend of bergamot, sandalwood and powdery musk

Iced Melon – a mixture of refreshing juicy melon and cooling cucumber

Floriental – a blend of mouth-watering pear, apple and mandarin mixed with a medley of freesia and violet

White Petals – delicate notes of bergamot with freesia and water lily

Each and every body mist name is true to its scent. What it says on the label is exactly what the mist purchase ventolin online smells like. If you prefer fresh scents with a fruity twist, I would suggest either Pink Grapefruit or Iced Melon out of the ones I’ve tried. These are both very refreshing scents and I imagine them being perfect for holiday as they smell like a tropical island.

My preference is sweet but sophisticated floral scents and my top picks would be Floriental and White Pearls, which both remind me of bright sunny days and I find these kind of scents sit best on my skin on warmer days. For a sweeter preference, I’d recommend Vanilla Milkshake that is the exact replication of the drink. It literally smells of a milkshake and is quite heavy for me, but for those who love a sickly sweet scent then this is the one. I’d say Musk is the only scent that is quite heavy and perfume like, and is the one I would recommend if you’re into heavier daytime scents. This one reminds me a lot of many of my perfumes mixed into one, and I think is the most expensive scent of them all.

These are ideal to pop into your handbag for an on-the-go fragrance refresh. I’ve never been one to want to carry a perfume bottle around, because of the expense and glass bottle. However, these are packaged in clear plastic bottles that you don’t need to worry about.

I wouldn’t say these are richly scented like perfumes are, but they do leave a gorgeous scent to your skin and come in so many varieties so there’s something to please everyone’s taste. These are just the perfect alternative to using up your fragrance every day, and for the price they are worth testing out if you’re new to them.

These are now available to purchase in-store and online at Boots and Superdrug. They retail at £3.99 but I find them on sale for half price quite often in-store, so don’t miss out on the offer!

Which So…? Body Mist would be your pick?

Megan ?

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