Every beauty lovers dream is being able to customise their own products, right? Us beauty addicts do love similar stuff from time to time, but deep down there are always particular preferences. That’s why I was over the moon when I found out I could make my own eye shadow palette with The Body Shop*. It meant all of my dreams could come true!

Just recently, I attended The Body Shop’s Cruelty Free event, where me and a bunch of lovely bloggers got the chance to hear from the team and a lovely spokeswoman from Cruelty Free International. We got an exclusive insight into the cruelty free campaigns, the history of making cruelty free beauty products from where it all began to where it is now, and I found it so inspiring what these people do behind closed doors. We also were given a makeup demo from The Body Shop’s Head Makeup Artist, Ciara O’Shea who showed us the best products and ways to spice up a night out look – I’m now all about colourful lashes! Then, onto the makeup stands where we were spoilt for choice with so many of their makeup products and my heart skipped a beat when we were told we could make our own palette. I was just in my element as you can just imagine. There were so many shades from warm to cool tones, muted nudes to bright blues, and that day I was feeling a little on the edge as I went for something a little out of my comfort zone, but I must say, I’m in love.

I’m normally one of those girls who reaches for warm toned browns and golds over anything else, but The Body Shop has captured my inner colour spirit. Instead of picking out all the neutral shades I went for a bit of everything and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. Let me talk you through the shades.

Top (L-R):

Australian Quartz – a shimmering ordering priligy online midnight blue

Lusaka Emerald – a satin dusky olive green

Pretoria Amethyst – a matte bright purple

Bengal Granite – a deep shimmering plum brown

Bottom (L-R):

Atacama Desert – a warm matte orange

Petra Sandstone – a shimmering light golden brown

Aztec Gold – a pale shimmering cream

Giza Stone – a champagne shimmer

I’ve used The Body Shop eye shadows for quite some time now so I knew what to expect in terms of performance, but I do need to tell you all. Firstly, I feel some shades can be more pigmented than others however they are all really easy to build and that happens with most palettes. The matte shades I find most pigmented and they are super creamy and blend like a dream. With the satin and shimmer shades I usually use my finger to apply them to the lid. I feel doing it this way picks up more pigment and warms up the product a bit. If you prefer, using a damp shadow brush does the trick to. The shimmers are full of sparkle and I adore all of the ones I chose to pack on all over the lid. With the matte purple shade, Pretoria Amethyst, which in my opinion is the most daring, I used this as a pop of colour on the lower lash line and it’s simply stunning. I’m yet to go all out and use this all over the lid, but I think I’m going to wear it for a festival this year for sure. Brighter colours used to terrify me, but this palette has made me feel the need to experiment more.

It was so much fun creating this and picking out my very own shades. The shadows come in a sleek black shiny case and there were also stickers out for us to design our own packaging, which I thought was so cute and added the perfect little touch!

You can shop the shadows here.

What shades would you put into your own palette?

Megan ?



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