There is something just so satisfying about removing your makeup after a long day isn’t there? Some days it’s all I can think about. Getting in my comfies and removing my makeup is like a little slice of heaven. What’s even better is when you have super quick and easy to use products to remove your makeup with. I sometimes struggle with removing my eye makeup and is actually the step I hate the most, but I’ve found a little something that makes it so simple.

The Konjac Sponge Co is fairly new to me, and when I first ever tried their Eye Cleansing Pads* I was like an excited little kid. The brand originated in South Korea and these sponges are a staple in Korean beauty routines. Korean skincare is becoming so popular so I was intrigued by what these could offer and how well they would work. These pads are designed to remove your eye makeup effectively as well as hydrating and soothing the area.

What amazes me most about these (and also what makes them so easy to use) is that you need nothing else other amoxil online no prescription than these pads and water to remove your makeup. This makes them perfect to take with you on the go and they’re so travel friendly.

I was slightly confused by the concept of these at first as they come solid and almost feel like sand paper. However, as soon as you run them under warm water they soften up and are so delicate on the skin. After wetting them you just wring the excess water and massage gently onto the area to remove the makeup. As its quite gentle these pads aren’t the best for waterproof makeup, but for liners, shadows and mascara it is so effective.

After use you rinse the pads again, squeeze all of the remaining excess water out and leave to air dry in the provided linen bag. These are reusable and if you look after them I’d say that last around 2 months. With 8 being in the pack these pads can last you an incredible amount of time I tell you!

These Eye Cleansing Pads and the rest of the range is available to purchase online here.

Have you ever tried anything like this?

Megan ?



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