Are you lover of a comfy and hydrating matte lip? If so, I’ve got something just for you. Lancôme have recently launched their Matte Shakers*, a follow on from the original Juicy Shakers that were more of a lip-gloss formula, that are the most comfortable and easy to wear matte lips of the moment.

It’s not often that I find lipsticks so comfortable to wear, so much so that I feel my lips are bare. The Matte Shakers are so unbelievably lightweight on the lips and are also hydrating just like the previous Juicy Shaker collection. Thanks to the silicone oils in the formula these lipsticks don’t leave that sticky or dry feeling, just more of a ‘second skin’ feel.

It’s fine liquid formula dries matte after a few minutes of application, so you have a bit of time to get it perfect before it dries completely. To apply you shake the bottle, which replicates a mini cocktail shaker (how cute?!) to soak the cushion applicator. You then apply the product to the lips straight from the soaked cotton cushion that gives high coverage bold colour. As the applicator is quite large, I tend to use a lip liner generic doxycycline hyclate before applying these for a neater lip. These Matte Shakers have matching lip liners called the Le Lip Liner, but I use any and they work just fine. I do find these last so well even without a liner, and they leave a stain on the lips to, so you don’t need to worry about touch ups.

Another thing I love about these is that there isn’t anything else on the market like it. The concept of the shaker and the packaging is so different to anything else I have, and I love that.

Lancôme’s new Matte Shakers come in 7 shades. The two shades I have are Red’y in 5, a true bright red and Yummy Pink, a bright bubblegum pink. I feel I’ll get more wear out of Red’y in 5 as when it comes to bright lip shades, I tend to stick with red shades. Although, this pink is so pretty hopefully it will make me more confident to rock these kinds of colours throughout the summer.

L-R: Yummy Pink, Red’y in 5

You can pick these up from Boots or online here, for £19.50.

Have you tried the Lancôme Matte Shakers?

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