As a sun and tanning lover, I do love to make sure my skin always looks fresh with some kind of healthy glow. Living in England can be sometimes be somewhat impossible to have a constant natural tan all summer, so prepping your skin is the best you can do for it. Skin prep is a necessity in my books to ensure your skin is well looked after and it also means your tan is likely to stay longer. There’s nothing worse than a fading natural tan, or even a patchy false tan so I want to share with you how I’ve been prepping my skin for a tan this summer.

When prepping my skin, I always reach for an exfoliator over any other skincare product, as I know it’ll be quick, easy and effective. Exfoliation isn’t something I do often enough, but once a week is typically what I aim for, especially when the summer is here and I wanna get my tan on. I think, the better your canvas is to start with the better results you’re going to achieve. Exfoliation means your skin will be ready to tan with a smoother surface and your tan will then last longer as your skin cells wont shed so fast.

For this prep, I’ve been using the Pre Tan Primer* and Exfoliating Mitt* from Skinny Tan, which when used together is a matched made in heaven. For many years I’ve generally used an exfoliator without a mitt and not only doesn’t it work as well, I hate the gritty feel on my hands. The Pre Tan Primer is made from all kinds of goodness and the exfoliation beads are in fact crushed walnut shells that make the product smell so fresh. I use just a pea-sized amount of this for each body part and usually focus on my legs, arms and chest order doxycycline online before anything else. I find the beads small enough to be very gentle on the skin and I massage it in with the mitt.

The Exfoliating Mitt comes with two different sides, the brown side for gentle exfoliation (which is what I usually use) to remove dead skin cells to create a smooth surface. The orange side is a bit coarser and is used for a more intense scrub, which I would use on harder areas of the body such as ankles, knees, elbows and palms. In the bath or shower, I wet the mitt and apply the Pre Tan Primer to it and scrub each part of my body I need to in small circular motions until I feel satisfied and then simply wash the areas down with warm water until all residue is gone.

I always make sure I exfoliate at least 2 hours before tanning or applying tan so that the skin has time to calm down. If you have less time, all you need to do it ensure that all product is off the skin before applying your tan so that you aren’t left with any patches or small marks.

If you love to get your skin smelling good, then you’ll love this range as it smells like a little piece of tropical heaven. Don’t feel you can’t use this before natural tanning as you can and that’s typically what I use it for. It works just the same as other exfoliators in that it removes all the bad stuff from your skin, but its specially formulated to prep your skin for a sunkissed tan.

The Skinny Tan products are available to buy in-store at Superdrug and online on Skinny Tan and Superdrug.

What do you do to prep your skin for a tan?

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