In this slightly hotter weather I bet most of you love a good nap, or few. I must admit, I’ve never been much of a napper, I find my mind too focused on tasks during the day that I just can’t shut off, not even at weekends sometimes. Recently, I’ve been having more and more ‘shut eye’ time and sometimes now I even get a nap when I’m feeling super tired.

Something that has been helping me loads with taking a 15-30 minute nap/shut eye time is Spacemasks*, the latest and greatest thing to send you into zen mode. When using this, it’s like encountering a real life interstellar moment of relaxation. You can zone out and relax anywhere when wearing one of these. Whether you’re on your lunch break, travelling or just at home, you can drift off and get a bit of time to yourself. Also, don’t be embarrassed of where you are, everyone will be jealous of where you’re going. Its what dreams are made of, right?

Let me tell you a little bit of the science behind the Spacemask. Inside the eye mask there are oxygen molecules that instantly come to life when you unwrap the mask from its pouch. These then heat up within 30 seconds to a minute to leave you with a warm cheap doxycycline uk mask that feels like a cuddle around your eyes. Incredible I know! They are made from super soft cotton to so they feel nice and smooth on the eyes, and also enhances the ‘cuddle’ feel that I think mellows me more when I think of it.

The eye mask is designed to warm up as soon as you pop it onto your face and transport you to somewhere far far away within minutes. I love that it comes with strings to put around your ears to, as there’s nothing worse than the cucumber eye trick that slides off every two seconds. The mask also gives off a beautiful jasmine scent that helps calm you and let you float freely into a state of pure bliss. I find calming and musky scents help me into a deeper sleep, which must be why this particular mask helps me nap.

I usually use these when I’m at home, as that’s usually a place I try to nap. But I am super excited to take a few away with me on trips, as I can never seem to sleep on planes either. Now I know these will do the trick, so I’d be silly not to!

Would you ever try a Spacemask to get some relaxation whenever and wherever?




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