Creating a flawless base is something I’m all about and colour correcting is a new technique I’ve been playing around with lately. Colour correcting is quite the in trend at the minute, so I thought why not give it a go and see what I think to it.

Skinn Cosmetics is quite a new brand in my collection, and I’ve now got quite a few of their goodies that I really love. Their Forget-Me-Not Skin Correcting and Perfecting Palette* is what I’ll be telling you all about today and whether or not the colour correcting technique is for me.

All of the bright concealing shades did panic me a bit but after a while all the shades made sense to what they do. If you’re also quite new to colour correcting to you may be intrigued by all the colourful shades. So, let me give you a little run through.

Purple: helps to neutralize yellowness and also brightens the skin

Yellow: highlights, brightens and conceals mild redness and blue toned under eyes

Green: cancels intense redness

Orange: counteracts dark spots and under eye circles on medium and dark skin tones

Peach: counteracts dark spots and under eye circles on fair to medium skin tones

The main shades I use from this are the peach for under my eyes and the green to diminish the appearance of any redness or blemishes. I do suffer with slight yellowness sometimes around my smile generic priligy 60 mg lines, so I use the purple now and then, which helps conceal that issue and all of the shades are invisible with foundation on top. A worry of mine was whether I’d have patches of colour on my face, but they blend out so well. The shades work to cancel out problem areas so the area of choice is left colourless as the problem and the corrector shade counteract each other.

I find each of the shades super creamy and easy to blend out. I only wear these with foundation over the top, as otherwise they do leave a slight hint of colour behind. I tend to blend the correcting shades with a Beautyblender after applying it to the area with the brush provided. The brush has quite dense bristles so I prefer to use it for packing on the colour.

When using this palette I do find that I look fresher faced, especially under my eyes so I will definitely continue to use this. If you suffer with issues listed above I’d totally recommend trying the shades out as they might surprise you to. This palette is really handy to have in your makeup collection to as you never know what skin problem could arise!

You can purchase the Forget-Me-Not Colour Correcting Palette online here, along with the rest of the Skinn range.

What do you think to colour correcting?

Megan ?



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