When it comes to fashion, I wouldn’t say I know much but this year I have definitely found my style. Two years ago I’d throw anything together and never look twice at accessories to style up an outfit. Even the smallest accessories can make the world of difference to any outfit, and for summer there are a few I think have added something to my looks.


Go back a year or so ago and all I would wear throughout the summer would be standard flip-flops and maybe a pair of pumps/trainers. Little did I realise shoes finish off an outfit and say something about your style. This year I’ve added a few new pairs to my collection and a particular style I’ve been loving are mules. Heeled mules, wedged mules, flat mules – I love them! Not only do they come in so many styles and colours, they are so easy to wear and let your feet breathe whilst looking fabulous at the same time. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, shorts and skirts, and I just love how versatile they are. These are a must have in my wardrobe this summer.


Like shoes, I never used to switch up my handbag very often. I used to have a couple in my wardrobe that I’d use in rotation depending how much I needed to carry around. I’ve found some real beauts this year on the high street. As much as I’d love to treat myself to a luxury bag, I think there are so many amazing alternatives and dupes for less. The bag pictured here has been my favourite so far this summer. It’s a small cross body bag from Mango in white that I find goes with so many outfits. Its small gold circle handle is there for you to use or leave as it comes with a longer strap, but holding it adds a classy touch and is like nothing I’ve seen before. This particular great is also a great dupe for the Chloe priligy 30mg Nile Leather Bag. Whether the bags you choose are large or small, try something a bit different and see how you can style it up. That’s what I’ve made me challenge this year. My favourite shops for bags this summer are Mango and Zara, they are incredible quality, affordable are so many I have waiting on my wishlist!


I’ve only become a real jewellery lover the past few months. I never thought it suited me so I just never shopped around for small accessories like earrings or rings. However, come summer and whatever shop I go in I always head to the jewellery stand. My style is quite minimalistic so I opt for dainty earrings and rings over anything else. I adore all the drop earrings this year with fabric frills, and for rings I love gold intricate designs, many from Accessorize I have my eye on. I find even a snazzy pair of earrings or a statement necklace can take any outfit from quite simple to stylish.


There are so many killer sunglasses out at the minute. With so many styles to choose from, I find sunglass shopping quite hard but it’s definitely worth having a look around for the right few pairs. If like me, you love a no makeup day but want to hide your face a little when you head out for the day, I find oversized sunnies work a treat. For the days I’ve made more of an effort with my makeup I usually opt for more minimalistic sunglasses like this from Pretty Little Thing. If you’re looking for variety and great quality, my favourite go to brand is Quay Australia.

I think it’s so easy to forget to style up an outfit. But even adding a different bag or a pair of oversized sunnies can jazz up any look in no time. I’ve made it my challenge this year to add something to each outfit and see what new styles work for me.

What are your favourite Summer style accessories?

Megan ?



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