I don’t know about you, but I get very excited when a beauty brand I use religiously release a line of new products. Just recently Urban Decay announced they’re bringing some skincare products to their line, and I’ve been trying out a few. They’re really smashing it this year with the new releases aren’t they? Their skincare is focused on the removal of makeup and making your skin fresh and ready a new base. Let me tell you about the few bits I love!

First up is the product I’ve used every single day since I got it. It’s the Rehab Makeup Prep Lip Love*, which is essentially a gel like lip balm that is super luxurious and hard-working. When it comes to lip care, I like a product that feels nice and looks nice, and this is exactly that. This plumps your lips at the same time as diminishing dryness and leaves them super soft when it wears off. For a lip balm I think it wears really well and lasts quite a long time. The reason I fell head over heels with this at first is because of the smell. The Lip Love is formulated with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, which together is just the perfect mix and reminds me off the tropics. Everything about this ticks all of the boxes.

Another product from their new Rehab Makeup Prep range is the Pore Refining Peel*, which is a must have for me and my problematic pores. This product works like a vacuum for your pores. It’s an easy-to-use peel off mask that you leave on for 10 or so minutes until it’s dry, then peel off starting from the edges. I must say, it’s so satisfying! I usually buy generic accutane online apply this to my T-Zone and other problem areas like my chin, and it’s even gentle enough for sensitive skin. After using this my pores feel smaller and the impurities and oils really do get sucked away. It’s formula is laced with skin nourishing plant extracts like sugarcane extract and lemon balm that like the rest of the Rehab range, leaves your skin super hydrated and immediately ready for makeup or bedtime.

A product that certainly caught my eye is the Meltdown Makeup Remover Dissolving Spray*. The name just sounds so intriguing, right? I have to admit, this product is certainly something I’ve been missing in my collection. This dissolving spray works to breakdown even the most stubborn makeup (matte liquid lipsticks and glitter) in just a few seconds without having to tug and pull the skin, which I’m sure many of you have had to deal with at some point. With this, you simply spray some onto a cotton wool pad and remove the makeup from the desired area. I use this more for my lipstick and eyes instead of entire face, as I really don’t want to use it all up so fast. This stuff is really powerful and I think it works best if you hold the cotton wool on the chosen area for a few seconds and then swipe away, just so that the spray has time to break down the makeup. I think this is really handy to take on the go with you to as it comes in quite a compact bottle!

These are now available to buy in store and online at Urban Decay and Debenhams.

Have you tried any of Urban Decay’s skincare goodies?

Megan ?



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