Holiday hair and glowy makeup has to be my favourite look off all time. Not only is it effortless but if you put your mind to it, you can really achieve it anywhere if you want to, right?

Big and bouncy beach waves are easy to achieve with the right products and effort. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, it’s a lot easier, but you can even achieve the look if you don’t. Umberto Giannini caters for all whole variety of hair types, from sleek and straight to dry and curly, but my favourite range is their Curl Range*. This range boasts so many different products from serums to creams so there’s something for everyone’s preferences. I’m going to run through the products and what I love to use to achieve the look.

I have naturally wavy-curly thick hair, which can be a bit of pain but nonetheless; creating beach waves is super simple with these products. And trust me, it can be just as easy with any other hair type, even straight. This range is designed to lift even the most lifeless hair, which is mine a lot of the time. Although I have waves, the thickness of my hair makes it quite heavy and results in straighter locks as the days go on.

As a general rule of mine, I don’t use much product in my hair, certainly not every time I wash it. Everyone two or three washes I like to go the extra mile and use something that’ll put life back into my hair and right now it’s these. And quite honestly, I’m living for these beachy easy-to-achieve waves right now.


 If like me you are sometimes quite lazy with your haircare, the Umberto Gianinni 1 minute mask will be your saviour. I like a quick fix that I know I can rely on and this is exactly that. After shampooing your hair you simply pop this onto your wet hair, leave for one minute and then rinse. This is a once a week drench that ensures your locks stay hydrated and the curls in your hair stay silky and detangled. Having wavy hair, I get knots a heck of a lot and this helps smooth out my hair and condition it into staying tamed.

I adore the scent of this product as it’s infused with coconut oil and shea butter, which is probably my most loved duo ever. The coconut oil enriches and nourishes your hair and the shea butter makes your hair feel incredibly soft and luxurious.



For all of you naturally curly haired girls out there, the Control Cream is a wonder product for de-frizzing and moisturising the driest of locks.

This isn’t necessarily a product that’ll give you curls as it’s made for natural order cheap amoxil curls, but will help in the process if you want your beach waves to stay looked after. I’d recommend this more for natural curls though.

It has built in heat protection that works with naturally air-dried hair to those who prefer to heat style. I’ve used it with both and I must say it works a treat for a natural dry. I don’t tend to put heat on my hair with a dryer; so leaving this to sink in for a few hours whilst my hair dries feels like a right treat.

You apply this to towel dried hair and then do your thing. If you choose to air dry, I would recommend twirling your hands through your hair whilst applying it to cover all of your hair and massage remains into your roots, they’ll seriously thank you for it.


Now, if you’re looking to achieve those no frizz waves, which are quite hard to come by, I suggest the No More Frizz Serum. This stuff not only tames the frizz, it protects you from humidity.

I love that this no frizz formula comes in a serum as it feels so lightweight on the hair and also lasts an incredible amount of time. When applied correctly (through towel dried hair, after any other post-wash product) then this should last you until your next wash. I wash my hair once or twice a week and it always lasts me.

Also, as it’s a serum based product your hair will be left with an ultimate shine that locks hydration and leaves the hair feeling incredible.


The final product, last but by no means least, is the Finishing Cream. This is the ultimate product to keep your curls curled and your hair perfect all day long. Your curls will finally leave the bedroom with you and wont drop out before you leave the house – hurrah.

This product gives your hair the right amount of life, volume and hold you’ll need to either hold natural or heat-styled curls. I’ve used this on naturally dried hair and blow-dried and the formula works just the same. Its hold is so strong it almost feels like a hairspray but without the hardness and stickiness, as it leaves your hair super silky, shiny and conditioned.

You use this on towel dried hair and just run it through the ends first and disperse the rest evenly through the rest of your locks. This will ensure it doesn’t make your roots greasy and the ends will hold more curl for longer. For me, it is usually the ends of my hair that drop first so I focus more on this particular area. Its up to you where you’d like to disperse the majority of the product, after all you can use this range is whichever way you’d like to create the most perfect big and bouncy beach curls.

Like this look of this range? You can purchase it here.

How do you style your hair for the summer?

Megan ?

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