Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to a new Sunday Skincare post. With beauty being huge passion of mine, I never thought skincare would be up there with makeup products. When I first started my blog all I ever wanted to talk about was makeup, my favourite products, how I wore it and some of my top tips. A year or so later and here I am wanting to talk about skincare in just the same volume, and today I’m sharing with you a dupe facial cleansing brush for all of those more pricey ones.

I have to admit, as much as I love beauty, I don’t like to spend ALL of my money on it. If a £3 eye cream is a good as a £30 one, I would choose the cheaper alternative as I’m not someone who would buy a product for its name. When the product inside performs just as the same as one with a high end price point, it’s just common sense to save some money. Lets face it, that money from saving can be spent on even more beauty products can’t it? Oops.

Anyhow, let me tell you all about the Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Device. You may have seen many of these on the market such as Foreo, which I will be comparing this to today. If you’re all for a deep cleanse but want it to be quick, easy and effective then I’m pretty sure you will love little gadget.

Kathleen are a skincare brand that boast prestigious skincare products that are infused with natural, pure and organic ingredients that your skin will thank you for using. I’ve used many of their products over the past year or so, but this one today has to be my favourite. This device has been designed to become an essential daily step in your skincare routine. Whether I makeup or not, I cleanse my skin every single day, either morning or night, and before using this I don’t actually think I never got in deep enough to get rid of ALL the daily dirt.

This brush has been designed with small with deeper but gentler cleansing of the skin in mind. It combines sonic pulsations with small innovative silicone bristles to get into all those hard to get places. The pulsations with the silicone bristles work to remove blemish-causing impurities and dirt, which isotretinoin leaves the skin feeling and looking bright and well cleansed.

I find this a great alternative for those harsh abrasion devices as the bristles are so gentle but cleanse just as well. This also doesn’t leave your face red or sore like some cleansing devices can.

You can put it on different speed settings to which is quite fun, and I tend to use the faster setting for more problematic areas such as my chin and nose. It also comes with two different sides, of which one is for more intense vigorous cleansing whilst the other is for the everyday gentle cleanse. I use the deeper cleaning zone once a week when my skin feels oily and is in need of a good pamper.

Speaking of pampering, my favourite place to use this is in the bath. The device is fully waterproof so it doesn’t matter even if you drop it in water. Using it in the bath means I have more time and the whole experience feels that bit more indulgent, which I love.

As I mentioned, I’m comparing this to the Foreo Mini, which is a device I used before this but since using this I don’t think I’ll change back. The Mini is a super handy size to travel with, but this one by Kathleen is twice or maybe three times its size and makes the whole process A LOT quicker. I find it does exactly what a Foreo does but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and quicker results then I’d choose the Kathleen Device.

The full size Foreo is more than double the price of the Kathleen one, with the Kathleen device retailing for just £49.00. Why I think it’s such a good price is because once you have one, you have it forever. It’s not a product that will run out and I get so much valuable use out of this, especially since it’s improving my cleansing routine, which my skin is thanking me for.

Inside the box comes an instruction leaflet that guides you through exactly how to use it depending on your preferences, and also a USB charging lead

You can purchase the Kathleen Facial Device here, along with the rest of the range.

Have you ever tried a facial cleansing device like this?

Megan ?

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