Does anyone else get super excited when they find a beauty product they fall in love with straight away? First impressions are a big thing in my books, and when a product impresses me on the first day I know it’ll quickly become a favourite of mine. I don’t talk about fragrance enough on my blog, as it is something I am quite particular about but this one has made me fall head over heels. It’s Ghost’s newest fragrance, Sweetheart Forever*, a scent that transports me to a hot summers getaway.

Ghost’s original Sweetheart fragrance wasn’t a scent that won me over, but this latest 2017 release has seriously got me all hearted eyed.

Sweetheart Forever is an oriental cocktail with top notes of cassis, orange and litchi that makes the scent super citrusy and sweet. The oriental side to the fragrance comes from the floral hints of rose and white flowers with oriental woody base notes. The mixture of fruit and flowers remind me of a really hot summers day and I really can’t wait to wear this on holiday. It’s one of those scents that become more fragrant in the heat, and the humidity makes it linger on your skin even through a warm summers evening.

Although the scent is sweet, the floral twist adds a bit of class and femininity. Saying cheap priligy buy that, I feel the scent itself is quite age neutral as I can imagine everyone enjoying this scent. I’ve had a fair few people ask what scent I’m wearing to, which is always a signal that the scent sits really well on your skin. There aren’t many fragrances I wear that people ask after either, so this must be a good’un.

To me, the bottle mimics a slender female in a floor length dress, which adds a touch of sophistication to the fragrance. I adore having this on my dressing table as décor to, and the light dusky pink bottle goes so well with my bedrooms colour palette – I think this fragrance is just meant to be!

Ghost Sweetheart Forever is now available to purchase in-store and online at Boots from just £25.00. At such an affordable price, this has exceeded so many of my expectations and it’s such a bargain.

I’ve been choosing this over so many of my more luxury fragrances as it’s so easy to wear, sits so well on the skin in the heat and I’ve never smelt anything quite like this. Honestly, you’ll be forever in love with this fragrance.

Do you know any other affordable scents for summer?

Megan ?

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