I’m loving skincare so much at the minute that I just can’t keep it to just a weekly Sunday post. When there’s a product I love, I just need to talk about it and share it with you all. Today I’m telling you all about the Pixi Peel & Polish, a new skincare step in my routine that I’ve sure been missing. From the first time I used this product a few weeks back, I knew I needed to talk about it. First impressions were extremely good, but I had to trial it for a few weeks to get a real feel and see what results it gives. An honest skincare post comes from trialling a product on a regular basis for a while, right?

There’s only so much skincare you can use and with me being somewhat lazy with my skincare routine from time to time, I’ve not stopped using this so it must be working its magic!

The Pixi Peel & Polish is a multi-action product packed with all kinds of goodness, including sugar extracts and lactic acid. The ingredients loaded into the creamy formula work to gently dissolve dead skin cells to reveal a radiant complexion. It’s practically a quick, effective and comforting at-home facial that reveals a better complexion within just a few minutes.

You apply this like you would a normal facemask. Just squeeze out a small dollop into your hand and smooth all over the face. As it’s a peel off mask I do tend to use a medium layer, not too light so that I can peel it off all in one. After just a few minutes online pharmacy priligy it’ll eliminate the dullness in your skin and resurface its natural glow. I usually pop it on for around 4-7 minutes then its time for the BEST bit… to peel it off. Does anyone else find this extremely satisfying?

This is best to use around 2-3 times per week, I usually use it 3 times to maintain a radiant glow. You apply it to clean, dry skin, sit back and relax for a few minutes and let the goodness work its magic. When you remove the mask your skin will feel so clean and renewed whilst also feeling well nourished and hydrated. Although it’s a peel off mask you wouldn’t think it as it leaves your skin glowing. I typically use this in the evening after cleansing my skin and before applying my serums, oils etc.

I love that it comes in a beautiful pale pink tube, as I’m all for aesthetically pleasing packaging and Pixi really have this spot on. It’s just too pretty not to have on display and because it sits on my dressing table, I never forget to use it. This is a real bedroom/bathroom cabinet must-have.

Fortunately, I was very lucky to receive this from a very good friend of mine who won a competition and got two with one to give to someone else (thanks Frances Hemmant, you got my back girl!). But, when this stuff runs out I shall be repurchasing as I think its so worth the money. You can shop it here!

Have you ever tried Pixi Skincare?

Megan ?

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