Unless you’re a real trooper, I imagine many of you struggle with motivation whilst its hot like I do. I don’t know what it is but as soon as the sun comes out I want to be outside, drinking Pimms or sunbathing, not sitting inside on a laptop.

It’s especially difficult when the sun makes an appearance on those days you need to get a tonne of stuff done. The sunshine doesn’t make THAT much of an appearance here in the UK, so when it comes out you just want to make the most of it.

I’ve figured out how to balance the joy with the everyday tasks, so lemme tell you.

Whether you work full-time, part-time or from home, I hope these tips help. Let’s face it, it might even be a weekend that the sun makes an appearance when you’ve planned to tick of your to-do list, as its not everyday the sunshine says hello and stays out. 

Mixing work with pleasure

If you need to be on your laptop, have paperwork to-do or anything you need a desk for, take your work outside. When we think of work we think of sitting at a desk, it’s a place we just all instantly associate with doing work. However, there’s no harm in setting up a little place outside to get your work done is there? I instantly lose motivation if I’m huddled up inside whilst the sun is shining down into the garden. I take out water, a little snack and I’m all good to go. I’ve actually had many creative moments in my garden!

Even a glass of Pimms might motivate you even more, eh? 

Wear suitable clothing

This might sound like a straightforward thing but it’s one many forget. It’s best to feel comfortable when its hot, and there’s nothing more irritating than wearing the wrong thing that gets you all sticky and frustrated. On the days that I need to get a lot done I wear looser clothes, something like a loose dress or pants with a crop tee. The more air I can get to my body the less frustrated I get. So, if I’m wearing the right attire, I’ve got more time focusing on what I need to do rather than unsticking tight trousers from my legs every 5 minutes.

There have been many days that I’ve actually sat in a bikini or my underwear to get my work buy ventolin asthma done. Nothing beats that getting your tan on whilst typing away at your laptop.

Set yourself daily goals

I am a true sucker for a to do list. Ticking things off of a list is something I find so satisfying, so if I write down my daily tasks they’re more likely to be completed as I get enjoyment for ticking off the entire list. Honestly, if you find this satisfying to then I’d try it. I tend to write my list the night before so I know what to prepare myself for. A top tip of mine is to never set yourself too many goals. A realistic daily to do list will keep you on top of it. It’s easy to give up on the day when you’ve got too much stuff to do, right?

I always make sure to give myself a decent break to make sure my brain can stop for just half hour or so.

Try not to OVER multi-task

When you’ve got many things to get done, it’s easy to start one thing, give up and start another. TRY YOUR BEST NOT TO DO THIS. I’m guilty of trying to multi-task many things at once and by the end of the day everything that needed doing is only half done.

I think its best to take on one task at a time, especially if it needs a lot of thought. My brain goes into a funk if I start multi-tasking too many things. It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re on your laptop to. One minute you’re typing away getting your work done and the next you’re scrolling through Asos and an hour passes by before you can blink – who’s guilty? I know how easy it is to get distracted by online shopping, it’s a real pain.

So in summary – if you enjoy the sunshine, get outside and take your work with you. Outside offices should really be a thing during the summer shouldn’t they? With that, wear something that won’t make you sticky (underwear and baggy tee’s are the best option, I just wish you could wear it out) and be realistic with your goals because taking too many things one at once might give you a brain fart.

What do you like to do when the sunshine comes out?

Megan ?

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