Now, I don’t know about you, but I love a read when I’m on holiday. I don’t do it enough at home and it actually feels like a little treat being able to zone out for an hour or so. I find it easy to focus on a book or magazine whilst having nothing else to do also, so holiday reading is essential when packing my bag.

My holiday reading list is normally very well thought out as I can’t think of anything worse than packing a book you just can’t get into to. I like a good book that I can stick my head into for a couple of hours each day whilst lying by the pool or when waiting for my after sun to dry.

I switch between either a book or a magazine, depending on my mood, and I never forget to pick up the latest Glamour or Elle at the airport if I forget one from home. So for a magazine choice, those are my go to. They both have a whole mixture of things I love from beauty to fashion so there’s always something to entertain me. I also get a heck of a lot of inspiration from magazines to, so whilst being away its nice to have a little brain refresh and get some creativity flowing through my brain.

For my book list it always differs depending on what mood I’m in before holiday. This time around I’m looking for some motivation, a read that’ll get me inspired book than a magazine article can. Last year my read for this was Girlboss but this year I’ve got the much-loved book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Now, I obviously haven’t read this yet but I’ve generic priligy pills heard a lot of incredible things. I’m all for positivity and self-help and this book has it all. Byrne highlights the importance of gratitude and how people should visualise their goals in order to achieve them. The idea here is “the law of attraction” and how thinking positive thoughts can lead to a positive outcome. This kinda book is exactly what I need to get me back into a positive mind-set and seeing the good in every situation. I’m sure I’ll tell you all about my thoughts.

I’m not going to lie, the second book is one I’ve read chapters of time and time again but this time I’m taking it away to keep me inspired. Its Aimee Song’s Capture Your Style, a book every Instagram lover needs. Aimee is the face behind Song of Style blog and this book is full with her tips and tricks on how to showcase your life and transform your Instagram to make and build a platform you love. Her images are so beautiful, crisp and desirable so her tips inspire me to be more confident with photo taking and also make me want to make my instagram as beautiful as hers (one day… maybe). Its just what I need on holiday when taking some shots.

As I’m off on holiday for two weeks I may also throw in a fiction book and it’ll most probably Bridget Jones’s Baby as I haven’t read it yet and the film was simply hilarious. I do love a good comedy book on holiday to keep me entertained when I’m not getting some inspiration.

What books are you taking on your holidays?

Megan ?

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