Today’s post is something a little bit different. Beauty related, but something I don’t really talk about much.

In this day and age, there are a lot of confidence concerns and problems that arise from being online. Girls especially look up to people on the Internet, people they may not know and aspire to appear like them. I used to be one of those girls but with the help of people around me I grew some confidence that I never thought I had in me.

When I was younger I used to hate many things about myself. But with time, I realised that it is normal and all a part of growing up. Since hitting my early 20’s I’ve learned to love those things I used to hate about myself and embrace them. After all, I’ve always been reminded of the phrase “imperfections are beauty” by my family, and now I finally believe it to be true. Now, I’d never dream of permanently changing anything about myself. I won’t lie, I used to think about it a lot growing up and I was always told by my parents that I’d be silly for doing so. A few years on and I am so happy I listened to them.

Personally, I’d never get surgical procedures done when I don’t need to. It can be hard to love bits about yourself that you previously hated, but once you get past caring you just don’t think about it anymore.

One thing I’ve always been iffy about is my lips. This hate got even harder with the age of social media and seeing girls with the most gorgeous plump lips all across my social platforms. Social media isn’t only to blame for that though, magazines were a big part of the comparison trap young people get into.

Then, one day it hit me that I’ve got what I’ve got and that’s it. I’m not going to change them and instead learn to love them. Makeup tricks and at home lip plumpers used to always be something I’d never think to try, especially with all those ‘gone wrong’ videos online. But I’ve tried something new and it’s changed my mind about the whole thing.

To be completely truthful, I was kindly gifted the PMD Kiss* to try for myself. I didn’t really believe much in these things but I thought why not just give it a go and see what all the fuss is about. Honestly, I wasn’t very hopeful for it at all. I never thought it would be a thing I’d actually love and I’d certainly never review a product if it didn’t work and if I did, it would be recommending for you not to try it. However, I’m actually so happy buy online accutane with the results. The device provides a safe, gentle lip suction device that naturally enhances the lips for a plumper pout.

As much as I love big lips, I would hate to have them myself. They just wouldn’t suit my face and I’d look completely stupid. So when something came into my life that could give my lips just a little juice, I am all for it.

Thankfully, this little device doesn’t give you those humungous lips that some surgeries can offer. Instead it enhances what you already have to make them look fuller, juicer and all around makes them feel even more gorgeous when I apply makeup. This doesn’t exactly make my lips extremely plump, thats not what this is about. It’s to emphasise them a little and it does indeed make them feel and look fuller in my eyes.



This isn’t a device that gives you permanent results, it lasts for a good few hours, sometimes longer depending how you use it.

These are the steps I took to get these results:

  1. Cleaned and dried my lips before applying the Kiss Smart Lip Plumping Serum
  2. Switched on the Kiss device and place firmly onto the lip – in each corner and the middle for 10-15 times each section (six sections all together, you can hear the pulses whilst it works its magic)
  3. Repeat on each section till each section is finished. It takes no longer than 2-3 minutes!

Quite frankly, I’m not looking to look like Kylie Jenner. I just like to have the option there for a bit more fullness when I want it. I will only continue to use this for those days I feel I need a little oomph or nights out. It’s not something I’d use all the time as really, who can be bothered with that? I’m happy with my natural lips but there’s no harm in enhancing them a little when I feel like it.

After with gloss:

I learned to like my lips even before this gadget, a feature I never thought I’d get on with. But since this, it have given me a little bit more confidence. It’s so nice to have found a temporary solution as I will certainly never go permanent. My motto is – we are who we are and honestly, self-love is too important to dismiss.

The Kiss PMD is available to purchase in the UK here.

What are your thoughts on self-love?

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