A good brow day is a good day overall right?

I find filling in your brows quite a big deal when you’re going out somewhere and want to get them right, or if you’re just a perfectionist. I bet you feel my pain when they just wont go the way you want them to and have to leave the house with half done brows, one sticking one way, one shorter than the other. We’ve all been there.

A good few years ago now I grew out my brows for ages and finally got them to the shape I wanted it. It was a real pain in the backside and it was hideous growing them out for months and months, but I did it. I got there.

Now, when filling out my brows I am quite particular in products I use and how I do them. I like a natural looking brow with gradient so they look fluffier and less harsh at the front. I think brows really do shape your face, so to me they’re quite an importance in my beauty routine.

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to visit the all new brow bar in Selfridges, London, to get my brows done and try out the brow products. Being the brow lover I am, I said hell yeah of course.

I get my eyebrows tamed as it is which is so nice not having to do them yourself. So, getting someone to fill them in for me to was even more of a dream.

The Brow Gal are an LA based brand created by the brow queen Tonya Crooks who recently launched their stand in London and I am so pleased its here. I’m quite a wuss when it comes to trusting people with my eyebrows so it was kinda a big thing for me going to get the Brow Gal experience. But, after all the worrying, I wish I could now get it done everyday of my life by the lovely brow expert on the stand, Danielle. She did such an amazing job, just look!

For my brows Danielle used the Soft Black shades of the pencil and powder, and the nude brow bone highlighter to suit my skin tone. Never before have I used black brow products so it was a bit tedious but I actually love how they turned out. The soft black reminded me a lot of Megan Fox’s brows, which is actually one of Tonya’s clients. They came out super soft and more defined.

The girls at the stand were so friendly and welcoming so it’s definitely somewhere I’d go back to. It was bliss doing my makeup that morning knowing my brows were going to be done for me.

I’m currently testing the brow products out for myself, and getting the hang of them. I’m now converting back to using a brow powder to fill in the arch and end of my brow, which I never thought I’d say again. Their brow powder is so finely milled and natural on the brow and can be transformed into a pomade when you spritz water onto the brush before dipping into the powder. Magic!

Stay tuned if you want to hear my thoughts and pictures of using The Brow Gal products on myself.

You can find the range in-store at Selfridges located in The Beauty Workshop.

What type of brow product is your favourite?

Megan ♥


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