I don’t know about you, but when I think of a workspace I think of clean, minimalistic and fresh. I just can’t seem to work amongst a mess, somewhere untidy or loud. A nice fresh quiet space is my ideal work spot.

As I still live at home I don’t have the freedom like some do to maybe have a separate room as an office, or even have a space big enough in my bedroom to have an ‘office like’ space. And, I assume many of your feel my pain.

So, I took up the challenge of finding a space in my house where I can set up my own little office space. Somewhere I can work from and get creative, instead of being stuck sitting cross-legged on my bed or on the sofa. However, I do still like working from the sofa but I don’t tend to get much done. I look to my left, find the TV controls and any form of work just goes out the window. So I thought it was about time I got myself a desk, some cute little desk essentials and setup a place to get sh*t done at home.

I’ve just recently left University, so I was on a bit of budget when setting this up. But, I’m sure many of you might enjoy these tips if looking to save a bit of money. Anyway, who doesn’t like saving money?

I took it upon myself to set it up all myself to, which in the end made the space feel even more mine. Now, I have my own space in the house I can work from and not get distracted and honestly, it feels really good.

First up it was time to find a desk. Of course, IKEA was right at the top of my list to look around as a) they’re cheap and b) they cater for my love of minimalistic white furniture. Within no time I was on Pinterest and found the perfect white table top to go with the small set of Alex drawers.

For all you beauty lovers and hoarders, I’m sure you’re well aware of what the Alex drawers are, right?

They’re the perfect solution for storing a lot of stuff in and they go so well with the rest of the houses interior. I went for the white option and white is my thang.

If you’d prefer just a table top white 4 legs as a desk and don’t need extra storage (which is what I bought and went with first) it only cost me £25. I know, bargain of the century! The small Alex drawers are £50, which fits perfectly under one side of the desk and gives you access to so much storage. Totalling £75, the entire desk is a not only a bargain but actually looks and feels quite luxurious with its matte finish.

Now lets get onto the best part, the accessories.

As much as I love looking at furniture and dreaming about what my future house will look like, I think the little touches of décor are what really make a space feel special.

The desk essentials included a lamp and some stationary, which to be honest is all you really need. I went with this gorgeous gold wire Jansjo work lamp from IKEA and some pens and paper tools from Sainsbury’s Home (they have such good finds in Sainsbury’s, I was shocked!). I had my eye on a super expensive lamp from a local home store but luckily I found this for only £12 and its perfect for the dark evenings.

Me being me, I then added a few extra bits to make the space feel like mine.

To add to the lighting theme, I took some cute rose fairy lights from my room and popped them around my floating shelf (which was super inexpensive from Argos). These add a little more light, feel super cosy at night-time and go with the running pink/gold/white theme.

I then picked up a few décor bits from IKEA on my second trip like a gold pot for my diffuser, a minimal gold photo frame for my Desenio lipstick art and this most amazing golden base glass dome to add a fake flower to and this is my most favourite part of the desk now. It was less than £7 but looks so much more expensive than that.

The space couldn’t be mine without a bit of a nature aesthetic so I added my amethyst rock and a succulent plant. This added more freshness to the space and makes it feel that bit more homely.

Although they’re only little touches, these few decorative accessories really make the desk feel fresher and more me. I love the fact there’s so much room on this desktop to add whatever you like.

To be extra snazzy, I got myself a small gold desk charger for my iPhone. It was a few pounds from Amazon and it makes me feel like a right little sophisticated pro.

I’m still yet to find the perfect desk chair but for now I use a white stool with a small white faux fur rug on top to add comfort and a bit of chicness. Love!

Honestly, if you want to create your own work/office space from home and feel uninspired because it could cost a lot – it really doesn’t have to. I’m so glad I bit the bullet and took my time to put this together, as I now get so much more done and its nice to have somewhere to actually sit and type away on my laptop. Back ache, be gone.

What kind of space do you work best from?

Megan ♥


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