Double Denim. A trend I never in a million years I thought I’d feel comfortable in. It’s a trend I used to see other people wearing and always questioned how they pulled it off so effortlessly.

So I went out, bought myself a new denim jacket and wore it with my black denim skirt and I really loved it.

It might seem like a small deal to some, trying out a trend, but this is one I’ve wanted to wear for years. Double denim isn’t really everyone’s cuppa T, but I just love the way it looks. I find more and more 90’s fashion trends are coming back lately and double denim is one of them. For now I’m all about black double denim, I find it looks so chic and is an outfit so easy to put together. But, when I find the perfect blue denim items, I’ll be trying that to.

Now that the autumn is heading straight at us (too quickly for my liking) it is usually time to put away the skirts and dresses, but this year I’m keeping buy amoxil uk them out am ready to start styling them up instead of just throwing on some jeans. I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in months and I’m not yet prepared to give in. Once I put them on, it’s so easy to live in them. But this year I’m challenging myself to try out new styles.

My new in black denim jacket is from Urban Outfitters by BDG. I’ve been looking for the perfect cropped denim jacket and after spotting this in the sale, it had to be mine.

This is perfect to whack on over a t-shirt or a jumper as its’ quite a loose fit and is surprisingly quite warm.

For now I’m wearing it with a black denim skirt, but I may even team this with black jeans when the time is right. As I say, I’m not giving in just yet.

What trend are you all over lately?

Megan ?


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